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Full text of "Bolton families in Ireland, with their English and American kindred : based in part upon original records which no longer exist"

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#enealosicaI ^ocietp 
of mai) 




Date Jan.....l94Z, 




JAN 3 1 1947 

'■'■ ^^^IN IRELAND 


Based m part upon original records 

which no longer exist " 

MAY 2 4 1989 


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OF laheb-oay saints 








SOME years ago I discovered a paper which mentioned 
the home town in Ireland of a well-known New England 
family. A member of this family went to County Tyrone 
to see the village and to gather records. He came back a wiser 
man. He had found one sandy road with cabins on either side. 
There were no men of education except the parish priest, and 
no records. This is not a picture of all Ireland, but it does 
convey a hint of the difficulties to be encountered by a genealo- 
gist in rural districts. 

Since the destruction of deeds, wills, and many church 
registers in the Four Courts Record Office in Dublin in 1922 
the task is doubly hard. Fortunately part of the Bolton material 
at the Four Courts was copied before 1922. This material 
may help families other than the Boltons, who are primarily 
involved. In order to keep some semblance of chronology I 
have often used the phrase " born about," but the year which 
follows is merely an approximation to truth. 

Every one engaged in a quest like this must record his debt 
to " Burke," but corrections and additions are possible even in 
this invaluable volume. The living Boltons in Ireland have 
been helpful and courteous in their letters to me. 

C. K. B. 



I. The Boltons of County Dublin .... i 

II. The Boltons of County Wexford .... 33 

III. The Boltons of County Waterford . . . . 51 

IV. The Boltons of Ulster 75 

Indexes to Heads of Families and Intermarriages . 103 



Sir Richard Bolton, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, 1639, of the 
County Dublin family. With autograph. From a photograph 
by H. Curran, Dundalk, 1928, made from the portrait in oils, 
owned by John Marshall Bolton, Esq., of Carrickmacross, 
County Monaghan Frontispiece 



Edward Richards Bolton, Esq., of London, F.LC. ; M.L 

Chem.E. ; F.C.S, Analyst and Technical Chemist . . 44 

William Bolton, Esq., of " The Island," County Wexford. 

No. 57. Taken for this book 46 

Lyndon Bolton, Esq., author of a work on relativity, of the 
County Wexford family. From a portrait in the Scientific 
American, 12 March, 1 921 . . . . . . 48 


Queen Anne Cup, made by Thomas Bolton, 17 10, of the Water- 
ford family. From Viscount Ashbrook Collection . . 60 

Captain Edward Bolton, of the 69th Regiment, of the County 
Waterford family. From a silhouette cut at Kinsale by 
Auguste Edouart, 27 December, 1834 . .... 70 


Portion of Earthen Rampart, Lismoyle Fort. Original 

Bolton home was near by . . . . . . . 76 

Headstone of " Wee John's " Grandfather, at Tamlaght 

O'Crilly 76 



facing page 
Map of the Bann Valley 80 

" Churchtown " Presbyterian Church and graveyard, Tam- 

laght O'Crilly 90 

Henry Campbell Bolton, Esq., at his own door, Lismoyle . 90 

Hugh Walker Rodgers Bolton, Esq., of Lismojde, and his 
grandson, Hugh Gray Bolton, of the Ulster family. Above 
photographs taken by Sam Henry, Esq., of Coleraine . . 96 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Bolton of Portstewart, formerly of 
Aghadowey, of the Ulster family. From the Northern Con- 
stitution, 28 September, 1935 . . • . • . 98 

The Wedding of Dr. Samuel Ernest Bolton, 22 October, 
1932, of the Ulster family. From the Belfast News Letter, 
24 October ......... lOO 



IN treating of this family, Burke has run into some diffi- 
culties which are beyond solution where records are not to 
be had. Fortunately several wills were copied from the 
Four Courts Record Office before it was burned, and of these 
free use has been made. The many men named Edward and 
Richard make for confusion, and the Tullydonnell line is still 
far from clear. 

On 17 Sept. 1902, a recorded pedigree was copied by H. 
Claude Blake, Athlone Pursuivant of Arms. This has been 
helpful. It was sent to me by John Marshall Bolton, Esq., and 
is here referred to as the official pedigree or " Off. Fed." 

This family, and perhaps all the families discussed in this 
book, descended, it is supposed, from Ughtred de Bolton, whose 
effigy, cut about 1 165, is still over the north door of the church 
at Bolton, Westmorland. 

Rogers Bolton, born about 1472, is called in Some Funeral 
Entries "third son of Bolton of Bolton in Lancashire." He may 
therefore have been the third son of Roger Bolton, lord of the 
manor of Little Bolton, who was born about 1430 and dead in 
1483. The Rev. James Bolton, " late vicar of Audley, Staf- 
fordshire," in 1477, may have been this Roger's brother. From 
Roger, dead in 1483, the ancestry can be traced back for many 
generations in Mrs. C. K. Bolton's unprinted charts. Roger's 
descendants hold a conspicuous place in Burke's Landed Gentry 
of Ireland, but there are some omissions and inaccuracies in the 
printed account, as well as many problems yet unsolved. 


2. i, James^ of Great Fenton, County Stafford, a village 
south of the pottery town of Burslem. 


2. James- Bolton {Roger^), of Great Fenton, Staffordshire, 
was born about 1502. Nothing is known of him beyond men- 
tion in Some Funeral Entries. He married Agnes, daughter and 
co-heir of Richard German of Great Fenton, Gent. 


2a(?) i. [Rogers], hving about 1580. Died without issue. 
3 ii. John, " 2d son and heir." 

3a(?)iii. Thomas. He and his wife Alice were defendants 
in a case against Roger Bolton concerning land in Audley, 
about 1580. Contract for a sale was violated. 

3. John^ Bolton (lames'^, Roger^), born about 1525-30, 
was the " 2d son and heir." He held the manor of Audley in 
1580, and a few years earlier was in a controversy over a pas- 
ture there called " Swan Hays." He married Margaret, daugh- 
ter of Richard Ashe of Ashe, County Stafford. She married 
for a second husband Thomas Allen and by him had " many 
children." She died at Dublin 11 Oct. 1620. His arms: Or on 
a chevron gules 3 lions couchant. 


4. i. Sir Richard*, born about 1570. Chief baron of 

(?) ii. John. He may have been father of Roger of 
Dublin who married in 1638. 

iii. Jane, married about 1600 to William (Walter 
in Official Pedigree) Weldon of Weldon, County Stafford 
(of Athy in County Kildare in Official Pedigree). 

4. Sir Richard* Bolton {John^, James-, Roger^) was born, 
it is said, about 1570, probably at Audley, Staffordshire. He 
married first Frances, daughter of Richard Walter of Stafford. 
His second wife was Margaret, widow of Luke Netterville and 
daughter of Sir Patrick Barnwell of Turvey. Val Savage wrote 
2 April, 1646 : " It is reported by both protestants and papists 
that Sir Ri. B. has married Luke Nettervill's widow." Sir 
Richard began his career in England, and was defendant in a 


suit about land in Fenton Calvert, County Stafford, three miles 
from Newcastle-under-Lyme, in Queen Elizabeth's time. He 
is said to have removed to Ireland to avoid results of censure 
by the Star Chamber. As early as 1619, when he was Solicitor 
General in Ireland, his name was brought to the notice of the 
King by his " very loving friend J. Buckingham," for his " car- 
riage in the business between the Earls of Ormond and Des- 
mond," Buckingham having received " testimonies of his worth 
and abilitie to do his Majestie service." This is referred to in 
a letter dated 2 Oct. i6ig\ His rise to eminence may be sum- 
marized from the Dictionary of National Biography as follows : 

1607. Recorder of Dublin. 

1613. Member of Parliament. 

16 1 8. Knighted (4 July). 

1 61 8. Solicitor General of Ireland. Authorized 31 Dec. 

1 62 1. Compiler of the " Irish Statutes." 

1622. Attorney General to the Court of Wards and 
Liveries at Dublin. 

1623. Permitted to practise in other courts. 

1625. Lord chief baron of His Majesty's Court of Ex- 
chequer in Ireland. 

1638. Author of "A Justice of the Peace in Ireland." 

1639. Chancellor of Ireland (6 Dec). 

In 1637 Sir Richard and the Chief Justice were authorized 
by Charles I to take four shillings in the pound between them for 
every thousand pounds yearly increase of rent to be obtained 
from compositions for defective titles. The order was dated 
7 April in the twelfth year of his reign. Sir Richard was effi- 
cient, but not unmindful of his own interests. 

Sir Richard had an active and stormy career. Having as- 
sisted the Earl of Strafford in the introduction of arbitrary 
government into Ireland, articles of impeachment for high trea- 
son were drawn up by the House of Commons and sent to the 
House of Lords on 4 March, 1640. The next year he filed his 

' " Extract from the writings of Sir Win. Ware, the antiquarian." 


several answers, but no notice was taken of the matter. In 
1642 it was ordered that " Sir Richard Bolton, Knight, Lord 
Chancellor, shall stand hereby absolutely dismissed of the said 
articles and from the said cause and accusation." In 1661 the 
proceedings w^ere expunged from the records. 

Sir Richard's home was at Brazeel, County Dublin, until 
toward the close of his life\ Mr. Joyce in his Neighbourhood 
of Dublin (191 2) speaks of the mansion as a gaunt ruin on 
high ground close to the cross roads. In the official Pedigree 
he is called " of Courtduffe." With the triumph of Cromwell 
in 1 641, Sir Richard lost his estates, and was in great poverty. 
(See Marquis of Ormonde's MSS. Hist. MS. Commission, 
2d series, vol. II, p. 215.) On 26 October, 1642, his friends 
petitioned the King for funds to send him to England, he and 
his family being " reduced to so extreme poverty as they will 
be very suddenly in danger to perish through mere want." In 
August, 1644, Sir Richard was authorized by King Charles to 
remove himself to England, there to receive " all and singular 
the fees, profits, rents, revenues, commodities, perquisites and 
emoluments whatsoever to him our said chancellor any way 
belonging," regardless of laws relating to non-residence. 

In the rebellion, Luke Netterville, second son of Nicholas, 
Viscount Netterville, was killed, a lawless and ruthless rebel. 
His widow, who became Lady Bolton in 1646, had lands at Cor- 
bollis, County Dublin or County Louth ; Baltray, County Louth ; 
Kilcrea, County Dublin; and Palmerstown, County Dublin; this 
was by an agreement with her first husband, made in 1 623 . Val 
Savage wrote 22 February, 1647 : " My Lord Chancellor about 
half an hour since took coach in company with [General 
Thomas] Preston's daughter [Mary, wife of Colonel Francis 
Netterville, Lady Bolton's second son] to go to Corballyes. 
He hath kept his bed two days last week." Sir Richard died in 
November, 1648. His will was dated 22 Jan. 1634, and was 
proved in 1648. A portrait of him, erroneously said to have 

' Now a ruin near Brackenstown. 


been destroyed by fire, was owned ( 1932) by John M. Bolton 
of Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, when a photograph was 
made\ Lady Bolton petitioned in 1661 for the recovery of 
her lands, having lived for several years on the bounty of Chris- 
tian friends in England while the Harcourt family enjoyed her 
property. See also under Edward Bolton, No. 50, 

In 1 62 1 Bolton published at Dublin, in a folio volume, a 
selection of statutes passed in parliaments held in Ireland, 
under the title The Statvtes of Ireland, beginning the third yere 
of K. Edward the second, and continuing vntill the end of the 
Parliament, begunne in the eleiienth yeare of the reign of our 
most gratious Soueraigne Lord King lames, and ended in the 
thirteenth yeare of his raigne of England, Fraunce, and Ireland. 
Newly pervsed and examined with the Parliament Rolls; and 
diuerse Statutes imprinted in this booke, which were not for- 
merly printed in the olde booke. Anno Dom. M.DC. XXI. 

Bolton published in 1638, at Dublin, a folio volume with 
the following title : A Ivstice of Peace for Ireland, consisting 
of two bookes: The first declaring th' exercise of that office 
by one or more lustices of Peace out of Sessions, The second 
setting forth the forme of proceeding in sessions, and the mat- 
ters to be enquired of, and handled therein. Composed by Sir 
Richard Bolton Knight, Chief Baron of his Majesties Court 
of Exchequer in Ireland. Whereunto are added many presi- 
dents of indictments of treasons, felonies, misprisions, pra- 
munires, and finable offences of force, fraud, omission, and 
other misdemeanors of severall forts, more then ever hereto- 
fore have beene published in print. . . . 

Children of Sir Richard and Frances: 

5. i. Edward^ born 1592; "aged 15 yeares" in 1607. 

6. ii. Richard, born 1593 ; aged 14 in 1607. 

^This portrait was secured by John M. Bolton "with other pictures and all 
Sir Richard's papers from Vine of Grafton Street, Dublin, who purchased them 
from the last of the Bective [Boltons] on his going off to South Africa. He called 
them scripts or receipts from Charles I for money lent to him." — Letter from 
J. M. Bolton, dated 7/1 [Jan., i9]34. 


7. iii. John, mentioned in Some Funeral Entries; b. 

8. iv. Thomas, born 1599; aged 8 in 1607. 

9. V. James, born 1602; aged 5 in 1607. 

vi. Anne, born 1603; aged 4 in 1607; died 1636. 
Married to Arthur Hill of Stranmellis in County Antrim, 
M.P. She was buried in St. Brides Church, Dublin, 7 Jan. 
1636. Had Moses, Edward, Frances, and others that died, 
vii. Mary, born about 1604. Married (i) Patrick 
Nangle, Baron of the Navan; (2) Edward Bermingham, 
She was called " Rosy." 

10. viii. Carroll, born about 1606. 

11. ix. Benjamin, born about 1608. 

5. Sir Edward" Bolton {Sir Richard*, John^, James^, 
Roger^) was born in 1592. He entered DubHn University in 
161 1. Sir Edward became Solicitor General 5 Dec. 1623, was 
knighted by Lord Wentworth, lord deputy of Ireland, at Dub- 
hn in 1636, and was appointed chief baron of the Exchequer 
and a member of the Privy Council 6 Dec. 1639. In 1637 he 
had the demise of the prebend of Swords for 43 years, the 
town and lands of Lissenhall, and of the tithes and glebelands 
from the archbishop of Dublin. He obtained also by purchase 
the town and lands of Colomyn and Kingmalston, County 
Dublin, the same year; also the manor of Bective, County 
Meath. He was made Commissioner for the Administration 
of Justice at Dublin in 1651 at a salary of £200 a year. 

His estate was at Brazeel, County Dublin. He married 
Isabella, daughter of William (Sir George in Off. Ped.) Ayloffe 
of Chissell, County Essex, sergeant at law (Visitation of Cam- 
bridgeshire). She was buried at St. Brides Church, Dublin, 
4 Feb. 1674. A prerogative grant shows that he died intestate 
before 4 March, 1701, which would make him over a hundred 
at death. Administration was granted to " Lady Isabella 
Ransford als. Bolton wife of Mark Ransford of Dublin Knt.," 


his granddaughter. The Irish Record Office Pedigree says that 
he died 5 Sept. or 18 Feb. 1659, aged 66, when Isabella was 
only two years old. John M. Bolton, Esq., in 1936 had a por- 
trait of Sir Edward. 


12. i. Nicholas'', born perhaps about 1625. 

13. ii. Edward, born about 1628. 

iii. Anne, born say about 1630; married (i) 
Thomas Adderley; (2) Alexander Pigott of Inishowen, 
County Mayo, and left issue by him. 

iv. Jane, married Patrick Nangle, son of Thomas 
Nangle, Baron of the Navan. They had a daughter Frances, 
wife of Dudley Loftus, LL.D. 

6. Richard'' Bolton {Sir Richard*, John^, James^, Roger^) 
was born in 1593. This Richard is probably referred to in 
1649 ^s an officer entitled to £74-10-0 " arreares pay." 
Nothing more is known of him unless he was the father of 
children here set down to his brother James. Perhaps referred 
to as of " Tulloghdonnell Townland " in 1659/60.' E. R. 
Bolton's chart says d. s. p. 

7. JoHN^ Bolton {Sir Richard*, J ohn\ James-, Roger^) was 
born in 1596. According to Some Funeral Entries he as " son 
of Sir Rich*^ Boulton " married Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas 
FitzWilliams of Baldongan, County Dublin, near Lusk. (Irish 
Record Office Pedigree says Nicholas Nangle.) John was of 
Drogheda. Will dated 24 April, 1644, and proved 13 May, 
1644. Burke's Landed Gentry, 6th edition, confuses this John 
with John of Little Bolton. 


14. i. Edward^, born about 1625. Said to have married 
Honora. But see 19a. 

ii. Bridget. 

* Tullydonnell is S.E. of Drumcar, which is north of Drogheda. 


8. Thomas^ Bolton {Sir Richard*, John^, James-, Roger^) 
was born in 1599. He was of Knock^ and Tullydonnell, County 
Louth, and he or a son of the name was a merchant of 
Drogheda, County Louth, in 1683, importing coal that year. 
{Archaological Journal, Vol. 3.) 


i. MARY^ baptized at Dublin, 19 May, 1641 or 
1642, as " daughter of Capt. Thomas Bolton." 

ii. Elizabeth, born about 1645. Married Kings- 
mill Pennefather, of Ballover, Old New Park, County Tip- 
perary, M.P. for Cashel, etc. High sheriff 1703 and 1708. 
In 1698 he and " his wife Elizabeth Pennefather alias 
Bolton" were defendants in a controversy over land; in 
1 712 one of the plaintiffs was Richard Buckworth, pos- 
sibly a brother of her brother's wife. Burke is evidently in 
error under Pennefather. 
15. iii. NICHOLAS^ born 1647. 

Note: The Official Pedigree adds: Lancelot, Anne, and 
Frances, omitting Elizabeth. There was a Lancelot Bolton 
in Ireland at about this time but not of this family. 

9. James^ Bolton {Sir Rich ard*^, John^, James-, Roger^) was 
born in 1602. His wife's name was Anne, and his niece was 
Susanna Brennan. O'Hart's Irish pedigrees has an account of a 
prominent family of the name Brennan. Captain James Bolton 
lived at Drogheda, where he was Mayor in 1636, and had 
lands called " Tullaghdonnell." He commanded a Foot Com- 
pany under Sir Henry Tichborne, and at the siege of Drogheda, 
in September, 1643, he may have been wounded, for he died 
the next year. His will was signed 24 April, 1644, and ad- 
ministration granted on May 13th. He is probably referred 
to as entitled to £480-12-8 in " arreares pay." He equipped 
and perhaps raised his own company, and from his extensive 
farm fed the soldiers with " corn " and beer, for which large 

' Knock is between Louth and Dundalk. 


sums were due his estate. His executor was his " dearely loved 
ffather S'^ Richard Bolton." He mentions without names his 
children. The names iii to v below are from the Official Pedi- 
gree, but the authority is not given. 


16. i. Thomas, born about 1630. 
1 6a. ii. Richard, born about 1632. 

iii. Anne. 

iv. Susan. 

V. Isabella. 
and possibly 

1 6b. vi. Gregory, born about 1630. Of Dundalk, 1689, 
when attainted by King James's Parliament. 

10. Carroll^ Bolton {Sir Richard^, John^, James^, Roger^) 
was born about 1606. His wife Jane is mentioned in his will 
which was signed 27 Feb. 1678/9 and proved by the widow 
12 April (29 March in Off. Ped.) (31 March in Ir. Rec. Off. 
Ped.), 1 68 1. He married Jane, daughter and co-heir of the 
Rev. John Symonds of Killevy, County Armagh. She died 
perhaps in 1684. He frequently appears in the records of the 
time as Major Bolton. He was sergeant major of a regiment 
of foot, and called adjutant. His father, when about to die in 
1648, nominated him to the office of clerk of Recognizances 
and Decrees in Ireland. In 1661 he stated that the office by 
an error had been granted to another. The same year, 1661, 
he was appointed receiver of quit rents due to the King in 
County Armagh. About 1666 he had lost his position as sub- 
Commissioner to adjust claims, and in 1667 was appointed to 
plant madder and licorice in Ireland in order to take the trade 
from the Dutch. 

He mentions his property in his will: — the manor of 
Killeen, County Armagh, that is the town of Ballylis, Lisnadill 
Parish or Killevy Parish near Armagh, the town of Seefin, 
King's County, the half town of Bally Temple and the sessiogh 


of Tawnatbane. He leased the manor of Dyneham and Mar- 
shallstown, County Dublin, where he seems to have lived. He 
had also in the city of Limerick " 49 arreares " of pay due 
officers in 1649. One debenture due him amounted to £1608— 
ii-i. He laid claim to several other townlands in County 
Antrim and elsewhere. His executors were Sir George Rawdon, 
Bart., and his son-in-law, Richard Chapell. The Major seems 
to have acted in a confidential capacity for the great family of 
Butler. In the " Ormonde papers " a letter of his to Lord John 
Butler, dated 24 July, 1 674, shows his powers as a matchmaker. 


17. i. JoHN^ born about 1638. 

ii. Mary, born perhaps about 1640. Married Rich- 
ard Chapell, 1 67 1. Her will was proved in 1740. " Eldest 
daughter." Dorothy Chapell, perhaps his sister, married 
Mary's brother John. 

iii. Anne, born perhaps about 1642. She married 
Mathew Lord. 

iv. Dorothy, born perhaps about 1644. 

V. Jane, born ; married Walter Hitchcock. 

Her daughter Elizabeth is mentioned in her father's will. 

vi. Hill, born perhaps about 1646. A daughter. She 
married Jo. Childermas. 

The Official Pedigree adds vii. Frances and viii. Elinor. 
The Record Office Pedigree adds ix. Arthur, x. Caryl, 
xi. Frane. 

1 1 . Benjamin^ Bolton {Sir Richard*, John\ James', Roger^ ) 
was born about 1 608. He received £30 by the will of his brother 
James in 1644. He married (i) Christian, daughter of Rev. 
Luke Usher; (2) Mary Jacob; (3) Juliana Tulle. Perhaps 
the man who died intestate at Dublin in 167 1 ; administration 
granted to Juliana Bolton relict. 

Benjamin and Christian had: 
i. Richard. 


Note : At St. Nicholas Without, Dublin, Marie, daughter 
of Benjamin, baptized 23 Jan, 1641. Perhaps daughter of 
Mary Jacob. 

12. Nicholas^ Bolton {Sir Edward", Sir Richard^, John^, 
James", Roger^) was born about 1625. He married about 
I May, 1649, Anne, second daughter of Nicholas Loftus of 
Fethard, County Wexford, born 8 Feb. 1630. They lived at 
Brazeel, County Dublin, and Bective Abbey, County Meath. 
She was a witness with " Mrs. Bolton als St. Lawr " in 1655 
at a christening by Dr. Lightburn. In 1669 he was sheriff of 
the county, and M.P. for County Dublin. He died i Aug. 1692, 
and administration was granted in 1 705 ( 1 6 Nov. ) , his daugh- 
ter Frances Hamilton and his son Edward Bolton of London 
being his administrators. Mrs. Bolton had died 2 Jan. 1690. 
An agreement between Mr. Bolton and the Rev. Andrew Hume 
of Trim, County Meath, has been preserved, dated 21 June, 
1687. Mr. Hume agreed to serve the cure of Bective for the 
small tythes and tythe hay. 


18. i. Edward", born at Fethard 17 Oct. 1652. 

19. ii. Richard, born about 1654. 

iii. Nicholas, died early. Referred to in Lodge's 
Peerage under Molesworth. 

iv. Isabella (or Elizabeth), born 22 Dec. 1657. 
Married 16 May, 1695, Sir Mark Ransford, alderman of 
Dublin. She died 9 Sept. 1709. Buried St. James, Dublin. 
Administratrix of Sir Edward Bolton's estate. Sir Mark 
died 10 Nov. 1709. 

V. Magdalen, died early. See Lodge's Peerage. 

vi. Frances, born about 1665. Married 7 April, 
1696 (lie. in 1697?), when of Brazeel Park, Swords, 
spinster, John Madden, M.D., of Manor Water House, 
County Fermanagh, and St. Patrick, Dublin, President 
College of Physicians 1694, 1697, 1700. He died 19 Oct. 


1703, and left two sons, Nicholas and Bolton Madden. She 
married (2) James Hamilton of Dunboyne, of the Abbots- 
town family. 

vii. Margaret, born about 1668. Married (i) 
John Atkyns or Edkins of Roper's End (Roper's Rest in 
Oflf. Fed.); (2) in 1692 Theophilus Jones, B.A., of Bal- 
lynamore, County Londonderry, and Headford, County 
Leitrim, M.P., born 1666. She left two sons, Walter and 
Bolton Jones, ancestors of many distinguished people. See 
Landed Gentry for 19 12. 

13. Edward*' Bolton {Sir Edward^, Sir Richard*, John^, 
James-, Roger^) was born about 1628. He lived at Clonroosk, 
Queen's County, and married Martha St. Laurence, daughter 
of Lord Howth. She and Mrs. Nicholas Bolton were witnesses 
In 1655 at a christening. His will was probated In 1668. M.P. 
for Swords. 


19a. I. Edward', born about 1650. 

11. Martha, born about 1652, married 1671 to 
Christopher St. Laurence, of Whitston, Esq. 

ill. Elizabeth, married Stibbots. 

Iv. Ellen, married Wall. 

15. Nicholas'' Bolton {Thomas'% Sir Richard*, John^, 
James-, Roger^) was born In 1647. He prepared for college 
at Lisnagarvey, now Lisburn, County Antrim, and matricu- 
lated at Dublin University In 1662, aged 15, as son of Thomas, 
an officer. B.A. 1666. He lived at Knock, County Louth, and 
married Anne, daughter of Anthony Buckworth of Dromore, 
County Down. His career In the church began as rector of 
Caheragh, County Cork, in 1670. Here and as Chancellor of 
Ross, 1674 (12 June) to 1683, he held seven other livings 
from which he drew revenue. He died In 1683. 



20. i. Thomas^ born about 1670. 

21. ii. Anthony, born about 1674. 

22. iii. Theophilus, born about 1678. 

Note : The Official Pedigree adds Anne Sydney, who married 
Theophilus Shawe, Esq. 

1 6a. Richard*' Bolton {James^, Sir Richard*, John^, James-, 
Roger^) seems to have been the ancestor of the Boltons at TuUy- 
donnell and " Calga," County Louth. The line here is very 
uncertain, but they were all associated with TuUydonnell. 
His wife's name in the Irish Record Office Pedigree is given 
as Tulle. (See No. 11.) 

Possible children: 

23. i. Edward\ born about 1660. Had a son Richard, 
and lands at TuUydonnell. 

24. ii. James, born about 1662. Had business dealings 
with Edward's widow. 

25. iii. Charles, born about 1664. Living at TuUydon- 
nell in 1717. 

17. John^ Bolton {CarroW, Sir Richard*, John^, James^, 
Roger^) was born about 1628. In 1679 his father's will leaves 
all his property to his wife for life and then to this son, he to 
pay all legacies and debts. He was of " Killeene." " He mar- 
ried Dorothy, daughter of Richard Chapell," writes John M. 
Bolton, " and had a son John. Of the daughters I am not cer- 
tain." The Irish Official Pedigree says he married Margaret 
Beauchamp of Kilwer, County Carlow. 

Children: ( ?) 

i. Letitia, born about 1648. Married 1666, Rich- 
ard Hill. 

ii. Elinor, born about 1650. Married 1676, Ed- 
ward Hill. 


iii. Elizabeth, born about 1655. Married 1674, 

John Baldwin. 

26. iv. John, born in County Dublin about 1 663. Studied 

at Mr. Reader's School. Entered Dubhn University 22 

Dec. 1679, aged 16, son of John. B.A. 1684. Perhaps if 

of Swords he married Mabell Obyns of Drumcree, County 

Armagh, spinster (lie. 22 May, 1708). 

The Irish Record Office Pedigree, compiled by R. W. Ball 

Wright, gives: 


1. Edward. 

2. Frane, married Sedgrave. 

3. Jo. 

4. Morice. 

5. Katherine, married Rely. 

6. Susan, married Thomas Read. 

18. Edward^ Bolton {Nicholas^, Sir Edward% Sir Richard*, 
John^, James^, Roger^) was born at Fethard 17 Oct. 1652, and 
married in 1696 Elizabeth (or Elinor), daughter of Maurice 
Keating of Narraghmore, County Kildare. He and his brother 
Richard were attainted in James's parliament for loyalty to 
King William. He died without issue in October, 1705, being 
then apparently in London. His will was dated 17 Aug. 1702 
and proved 12 Oct. 1705. She died in January, 1699. 

Note: Elinor Bolton of Dublin left a will 1699. 

19. Richard' Bolton {Nicholas^, Sir Edward^ Sir Richard*, 
John^, James-, Roger^) was born about 1654. He married 
Anne Catherine, daughter of Stein Bill of Copenhagen. She 
may be the person referred to in 1689/90 by Robert Moles- 
worth — then at Copenhagen — as " Dick Bolton's affair." 
He lived at Brazeel and had a farm at Knocksedan near Swords, 
County Dublin, in 1698. In 17 10 and 171 6 he was sheriff of 
County Dublin, and M.P. in 1710. He died in 1721 (admin. 
7 July). 


J. M, Bolton (1935) has a debenture of Sir Edward with 
these notes: "These Papers concerned my Grandfather S*" 
Edward Bolton and may be of use to me, Richard Bolton." 
Also: " Given to me by my father Nicholas Bolton after my 
comeing over from Denmark." Also a posting: " N°. 3. Major 
Bolton 8 May, 1709." 


(?) i. Anne, born about 1690. Married 1713 
John, son of Richard Tennison, Bishop of Clogher and 

27. ii. EDWARD^ born about 1695. Administrator 

of his father's estate. 

iii. Richard, born 1699. 
27a. (?) iv. Nicholas*, born about 1700. Administered 
10 Dec. 1723 ; of Brazeel. Richard Tighe of Dublin, prin- 
cipal creditor. 
The Official Pedigree adds: 

V. LoFTUS, born 1706. 

vi. Isabella. 

vii. Margaret. 
viii. Frances. 
and omits Nicholas iv. 

19a. Edward' Bolton {Edward^, Sir Edward^, Sir Richard*, 
John^, James^, Roger^) was born about 1650. One of his name 
married in 1675 Elizabeth Walker, but the Official Pedigree 
says Honora Walker. He lived at Clonroosk, Queen's County. 
Only Child: 

i. Elizabeth% born about 1676. Married in 1697 
Thomas Dixon of Ballybracken, County Cork. He was 
killed in a duel in 1704, leaving a daughter Elizabeth, later 
the wife of John Waller, M.P., of Castletown. 

20. Thomas* Bolton {Nicholas^, Thomas^, Sir Richard*, 
John^, lames'^, Roger^) was born about 1670, and lived at 
Knock, County Louth, a captain in the army. He married 


Sydney, daughter of Col. Chichester Fortescue of Dromiskin, 
County Louth. In the Fortescue history he is called " brother 
[of] Theophilus, Archbishop of Cashel." She was born about 
1685, and died 10 Dec. 1749, being buried at St. Anne's. Her 
grandfather, Col. Sir Thomas, married Sydney Kingsmill, a 
first cousin of Ehzabeth St. Michel, wife of Samuel Pepys, 
famous for his Diary. Her husband's aunt, Elizabeth Bolton, 
married Kingsmill Pennefather, who was her father's first 
cousin. See Landed Gentry, 7th edition, 1886; also the hand- 
some folio history of the Fortescue Family. Thomas Bolton's 
will was proved, it is said, 6 May, 1736. 


28. i. THOMAS^ born about 1706. 

29. ii. Chichester, born about 1708. 

30. iii. Richard, born 17 10. 

iv. Sydney, born about 17 11. Married when of St. 
Anne's, Dublin (lie. 4 Dec. 1727), Fielding Shawe of St. 
Andrew, Dublin, Esq. She left a daughter Sydney (died 
1785), who married at St. Anne's, 21 Nov. 1766, David 
Jones of Bensfont, and Beauparc, County Meath. Mary 
Anne, daughter of David and Sydney Jones, married in 
March, 1792, John Bolton of Dromiskin, County Louth. 
(See No. 30.) Mrs. Shawe died 23 Aug. 1779. No two 
printed accounts agree. She is said also to have married 
Thomas St. Leger. 

V. Margaret, born about 1713. Of St. Anne, Dub- 
lin, spinster, when about to marry (lie. 28 June, 1723) 
John Walmesley of St. Anne, F.T.D. 

21. Anthony^ Bolton {Nicholas'^, Thomas'% Sir Richard*, 
John^, James', Roger^) was born about 1674. He married 
Martha Sheldon, and lived at Grange, County Louth. Many 
deeds of his were recorded at Dublin between 1708 and 1739. 
He died before 16 March, 1754, when his son Charles was 
appointed administrator of his estate. 



31. i, Charles^ born perhaps as late as 1720. 

(?) ii. John, born about 1730. Of Grange when he 
married (lie. 7 Oct. 1754) Mary (Margaret in Official 
Pedigree) Jones of Dundalk, County Louth. Perhaps the 
father of Thomas, born 1760 as " son of John of Louth, 
Gent." Dublin University 1779, aged 19. 

( ?) III. Thomas, who married and had Fred, and Eliza, 
who was the wife of Col. Waller. This is on the authority 
of a chart In Henry C. Bolton's book, page 164. No. XV. 
See below. 

iv. A daughter. 
Anthony (No. 21) may have been the father of the fol- 
lowing, but the seal of Thomas below suggests a Lancashire 
origin If it has any significance. 

(?) V. Anthony, born 1731; died at New York 31 
May, 181 1. Buried from Trinity Church. "The great 
shoemaker of N. Y. before the Revolution." He lived at 
118 Broadway (Walter Barrett's Old Merchants of N. Y., 
Vol. 3, p. loi ; Vol. 4, p. 207). Moved in 1796 to No. 20 
Broadway. His wife, Martha, died 12 Feb. 1808, aged 
76 years (Trinity Church record of tombstones). The 
New York Evening Post of Saturday, 20 Feb. 1808, says 
that she died " this morning." 


1. Robert, son of Anthony and Martha, born 1765; 
died 14 Aug. 1770, aged 5 years. 

2. Thomas, born on Broadway, 1773; died 27 April, 
1863, at the Bond Street House, aged 89 years, 
9 months. Married 20 June 1807, Isabella Mc- 
Kenzle. She was born 1791; buried from Trinity 
Church 14 April, 1853, aged 62. His notarial seal 
1822 has a falcon with trefoil in breast, and crest a 
fish. (H. C. Bolton, p. 492.) Admitted attorney 


1806. Partner of Gabriel Winter at 44 Pine Street. 
Master in Chancery. Assistant Alderman 1818-27. 
Clerk of Common Council. Agent for Havre pack- 
ets. Bookplate described in Bolton's American 
Armory. The arms thereon would suggest that he 
was an oldest surviving son, and that he came from 
a Lancashire family. 
3. Elizabeth Roberts, '* daughter of Anthony," died 
9 April, 1807. (A^. Y. Evening Post, 10 April.) 

22. Theophilus^ Bolton {Nicholas^, Thomas^, Sir Richard^, 
John^, James', Roger^) was born at Burrishoole, County Mayo, 
about 1678. He graduated at Dublin University in 1698, and 
married, but died without issue 31 Jan. 1744. Will dated 27 
July, 1743/4. His widow died " in advanced age " about May, 
1773. He was ordained deacon at Dublin 26 Sept. 1703. His 
career may be summarized as follows : 

1707. Prebendary of Monmohenock. 

1707. Prebendary of St. Patrick's, Dublin. 

1707 and 1 7 13. Prebendary of Stagonil. 

1 7 1 3- 1 4. Curate of St. Nicholas without the Walls. 

1 7 14. Chancellor of St. Patrick's. 

1720. Vicar General of Dubhn Diocese. 

1720. Vicar of Finglas, near Dublin. 

1722. Precentor of Christ Church, Dublin. 

1722. Bishop of Clonfert and Kilmacduagh (30 


1724. Bishop of Elphin in Roscommon (16 


1729. Bishop of Dublin. 

1729/30. Archbishop of Cashel (6 Jan.) ; 

Primate of Munster and Privy Councillor. 
The Archbishop was a preacher of great eloquence, learned in 
ecclesiastical history and the canon law, and known in literary 
history as a friend of Dean Swift. The improvement of marsh 


lands and the repair of churches were among his activities. His 
manner was gracious and considerate, but in politics he was a 
vigorous defender of the Irish party against Primate Hugh 
Boulter, champion of the English. (See Mant's History of the 
Church of Ireland.) One of his sermons (1721) is in print. 
He left his 8,000 books to the Archbishops of Cashel forever. 

23. Edward^ Bolton {Richard"^, James'', Sir Richard*, John^, 
James^, Roger^) was born about 1660. The Irish Record Office 
Pedigree says that he married Miss Donaldson. 


i. ELIZABETH^ born about 1690. In 1738 the wife of Mr. 
Richardson. Mrs. Bolton (nee Corker) in her will, 1738, 
says: " To my step-daughter Elizabeth Richardson £10, as 
a token that I remember her kind and obliging behaviour 
to me." 

Edward Bolton married (2) Elizabeth Corker of Dublin, 
daughter of Thomas Corker, merchant, and sister of Chambre, 
Edward, and Thomas, of a family recorded in Burke. He lived 
at Tullydonnell, County Louth, and was dead in 17 17 when his 
widow made an agreement with James Bolton of the same place 
in behalf of herself and her children, all minors, and with her 
brother Thomas Corker of Dublin for an annuity of £30 a year 
out of the lands of Tullydonnell and Scobagh. She died before 
15 Sept. 1740, and was buried at Drumcar, County Louth. In 
her will she calls herself of Drogheda. She left £10 to the 
Rev. Mr. Henry of that town, and to the Rev. Henry Smith 
of Clonkeehan, County Louth, £2 for the poor. The will was 
signed i March, 1738. 


32. i. RICHARD^ born after 17 10. An executor of his 
mother's will. Received her silver spoons and £6 for his 
services. Iron founder of Church Street, Dublin ; died 1 802. 
Perhaps the Richard Bolton of St. Mary, Dublin, Gent., 


who married (lie. 5 April 1735) Elizabeth Baker. A 
daughter (?) Barbara married in 1796 Gerald O'Farrell, 
counsel to the Barrack Board. 

ii. Corker, born about 1 7 13. Living 17 17. Dead 
in 1738? 

iii. Brazeel, born about 17 16. In 1738 the wife of 
Randall Young of Atherdee, County Louth, who was an 
executor of the will. 

iv. Abigail, born about 1718. The wife of George 
Elliot in 1738. 

V. Mary, born about 1720. Not married in 1738. 

vi. Sarah, born about 1722. Not married in 1738. 

vii. Arabella, born about 1724. Not married in 

24. James^ Bolton {Richard^, James'% Sir Richard*, John^, 
James^, Roger^) was born about 1662. In 171 7 he was of 
Tullydonnell, County Louth, Gent., when he entered into an 
agreement with Elizabeth, widow of Edward Bolton (No. 23 ) . 
If Edward's family died out in the male line, as seems probable, 
the Boltons of County Louth who appear in the list of wills 
would seem to be descended from this James or his brother 
Charles. Called in the Irish Record Office Pedigree " Mer- 
chant of Bucklane." No record of children has been found. 
He appears to be the James Bolton of " Colga," County Louth, 
whose will was probated in 1736. 

Possible children: 

33. i. James^ born about 1690. Apparently the James 
of Clonkeen, County Louth, who in 17 11 had license to 
marry Margaret Robinson. If of " Calga," County Louth, 
in 1763 he made his will then. He was possibly the father 
of (a) James, who married in 1750 Margaret Izod, and 
(b) Edward of Louth, who died 19 Jan. 1796, aged 76. 

34. ii. THOMAS^ born about 1685 ? of " Calga," County 
Louth. A girl, Mabel, recorded as daughter of Thomas 


Bolton of " Colga, County Louth," married Rev. Monsell 
Hewson (born 1704) and had George and John. 

Possibly also: 

35. iii. Boyle, born say about 1692. Of Carrickbagott, 
County Louth, Gent, (near Drogheda), when he made his 
will in 1760. 

27. Edward^ Bolton {Richard', Nicholas^, Sir Edward^ Sir 
Richard*, John^, James', Roger^) was born about 1695. ^^ 
was reported i Dec. 17 19 as already married to Wilhelmina 
Letitia, daughter of Robert, Viscount Molesworth. " Ned 
Bolton " made so many improvements at Brazeel, such as open- 
ing springs in his hillside, that Lord Molesworth grew impa- 
tient, and wrote to Lady Molesworth : " Let him make Brazeel 
a wilderness if he pleases." In another letter he wrote that 
some way must be found " to take down this young man in his 
high shoes." In 1723 he was sheriff of County Dublin, and in 
1727 M.P. for Swords. He died 5 Aug. 1758 and was buried 
at Swords near Dublin. His will, dated 31 May, 1758, was 
proved 11 May, 1759. 


36. i. Richard^, born about 1720. Died early. 

ii. Letitia, born about 1720. " Eldest daughter." 
Married 1749 Rev. Gustavus Hamilton. 

iii. Anna Catherine, born 11 July, 1721. Test. 

iv. Anna Maria, baptized 6 May, 1724. Married 
Captain Archibald (or John) Grant. 

37. V. Robert, born about 1726 at Dublin. 

38. vi. Edward, born 1727 at Dublin. Entered Dublin 
University 1742, aged 15, son of Edward, armiger. Died 

vii. Elizabeth, born about 1730. Died early. One 
of these died early in 1759. 


viii. Charlotte, born about 1732. Died early. One 

of these died in 1754- 

39. Ix. Theophilus, born about 1735. 

X. Isabella Charlata Emilia, baptized 1738 at 
St. Peter and St. Kevin, Dublin. Of Brazeel, spinster. 
Intestacy 22 Sept. 1763. 

28. Thomas* Bolton ( Thomas'', Nicholas^, Thomas^, Sir 
Richard*, John^, James-, Roger^) was born about 1708. Per- 
haps the Thomas who married in 1734 Alicia Forster (called 
Knilton in Burke) of Dunleer, County Louth, spinster (he. 3 
March, 1734), who died 2 Jan. 1798 in Berkeley Square, Lon- 
don. He was a scholar at the Cathedral School, Dublin, in 
1720, and if the Thomas son of Thomas, Generosus, he was 
born in County Tyrone, and entered Dublin University 1721/22, 
aged 16. He lived at Knock, County Louth, in 1734, and died as 
" Thomas Bolton Esq. of Dublin " in 1741 (admin. 16 Oct.). 
His widow, Alice of Dublin, was the administratrix, and the 
two children were mentioned by name. Lodge's Peerage calls 
him " Councillor Thomas." 


40. i. Theophilus®, born about 1736. He was of 
Grange in 1773 when he died at Genoa unmarried (admin. 
1 1 Dec. 1773). His sister was the administratrix, appointed 
II Dec. 1773. 

ii. Sydney, born about 1738. Married George Clive 
in 1763. See Burke for descendants. 

29. Chichester* Bolton {Thomas\ Nicholas^, Thomas^, 
Sir Richard*, John^, James", Roger^) was born about 1708. 
He was of St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, where he died without 
issue in 1791. 

30. Richard* Bolton {Thomas'', Nicholas^ Thomas% Sir 
Richard*, John^, James-, Roger^) was born in 17 10 at Knock- 
bolton, County Louth. He entered Dubhn University in 1726, 


aged 16. He married Mary, daughter of John (Stephen in 
Official Pedigree) Page. He was a church warden in Dromiskin 
in 1765, 1770-73, and died 17 Sept. 1779. Lodge's Peerage 
says that he married Catherine, daughter of Hugh Massey. 


41. i. Theophilus®, born about 1737. Died unmarried. 

42. ii. John, born 1753. 

43. iii. Chichester, born about 1742. Possibly the 
Chichester who married at St. Anne's, Dublin (lie. 28 April, 
1768), Anne, daughter of Rev. Rowley Hall of Killyleagh, 
County Down. He died without issue in 1783. 

iv. Sydney, born in 1744. Married 1771 Charles 
Bolton of Castle Ring (see No. 31). 
See Burke's Landed Gentry, 9th ed. 1898, vol. 2. 

31. Charles^ Bolton {Anthony'', Nicholas'', Thomas'% Sir 
Richard*, John^, lames'^, Roger^) was born perhaps about 
1720. According to Burke's Family Records, 1897, page 83, 
he married Sydney, daughter of Thomas Bolton of Knock, 
County Louth (No. 20). This is evidently an error. He was 
of Dundalk, Gent., and married at St. Michan's, Dublin (lie. 
26 Nov. 1771 ), Sydney, daughter of Richard Bolton (No. 30) 
of Dromiskin, born in 1744. The marriage settlements were 
dated 26 Nov. 177 1. Charles was administrator of the estate 
of his father, Anthony Bolton, in 1754. Sydney died in 1822, 
aged 78. Charles and Sydney had 


44. i. Richard, born 1772. Farmer of Castle Ring. 

45. ii. John (mayor of Louth in 1806?). 

46. iii. Thomas. See Burke, which in several accounts 
shows much confusion. 

37. Robert^ Bolton {Edward^, Richard'' , Nicholas^, Sir 
Edward^, Sir Richard*, John^, James-, Roger^) was born about 
1726 at Dublin. He entered Dublin University in 1742, aged 


1 6, as son of Edward Bolton, armiger. He was of Brazed. 
He married (marriage license 13 July, 1754) Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of John Blennerhasset, of County Kerry and St. Peter, 
Dublin. He died before 9 May, 1798. 


47. i. Edward^", of Brazeel and Bective Abbey. 

48. ii. Robert Compton. 

iii. Christiana, married 1783 Charles Francis Sheri- 
dan, Secretary of War, M.P. (license 24 April) . 

iv. Elizabeth, married 19 June, 1779, Rev. Dr. John 

39. Theophilus^ Bolton {Edward^, Richard', Nicholas^, 
Sir Edward'% Sir Richard*, John^, James^, Roger^) was born 
about 1735. He entered Dublin University in 1752, aged 17. 
Perhaps as of Dublin married in 1764 Margaret Lyons of 
MuUingar, County Westmeath (lie. 7 June). A commissioner 
of the State Lottery in Dublin. The children of a Theophilus 
appear to belong here : 

i. Elizabeth, born about 1770; married 1789 (lie. 

Oct.) John Carden of Cardenstown or Fishmoyne, County 

Tipperary; died without issue. 

49. ii. Theophilus^", was born at Dublin in 1774. En- 
tered Dublin University 1791, aged 17, son of Theophilus, 

50. iii. LoFTUS, born at Dublin in 1777, son of The- 
ophilus, entered Dublin University 1793, aged 16; died on 
passage to the Cape. Lieutenant of 35th Regiment of Foot. 
Noticed in a Magazine Oct. 1800. 

(?) iv. Anne Maria Letitia, was born about 1778. 
Marriage license 8 Oct. 1800 to George Tew, Esq. of 
Dublin. She was of Swords, Dublin, spinster. License 1793 
to marry Lieutenant William Neynoe. Perhaps she was a 
daughter of Robert. 


42. JoHN^ Bolton {Richard^, Thomas\ Nicholas^, Thomas^, 
Sir Richard*, Johtf, Janies^, Roger^) was born in 1753, and 
married in 1783 Mary Anne, daughter of David Jones of 
Bensfort, County Meath, and his wife Sydney, daughter of 
Fielding Shawe, and of his wife Sydney, sister of Richard 
Bolton. Mary Anne Bolton died 9 Feb. 1821. He was a cap- 
tain, of Maine, Castle Bellingham, and Tullydonnell in 1798. 
Captain Bolton died in 18 13. See Burke, 1899, ^'^^ ^his line. 


51. i. Theophilus^'', born 1 795; died unmarried 1838. 
Captain and A. D. C. Lived at Tullydonnell. 

52. ii. John Henry, born 1799; died unmarried 1857. 
Lieutenant 45th Regiment. 

53. iii. Chichester Francis, born 1804; married 
Harriet Augusta Stewart. In 1828, Chichester, third son 
of John Bolton, late of Maine, County Louth, was admitted 
to Gray's Inn to study law. 


1. Theophilus^^, born 1831; died unmarried 1870. 
Captain in 40th and 22nd Regiments. 

2. Edward Chichester, born 1834; died without issue 
1881. Captain R. A. 

3. Henry Richard Stewart, born 1842; married 1880 
Elizabeth Victoria, daughter of Rev. Richard 

4. Harriet Augusta, married 1851 Lieutenant Colonel 
Herbert Dawson Slade. 

5. Emily Charlotte, married John C. Deane. 

6. Sophia Frances. 

iv. Mary Anne, married J. Barton. 

V. Sydney Mary, married (i) Frederick Jones; 

(2) Captain Richard Crookshank and died without issue. 

vi. Elizabeth, married Captain Edward Mayne. 

vii. Frances Ann, married George Jones French. 


viii. Harriet, married 1839 Francis Charles Annes- 
ley. She died 1875. He was a Captain in the Prussian Life 
Guards, and a Baron of the German Empire. 

44. Richard^ Bolton {Charles^, Anthony', Nicholas^, 
Thomas^, Sir Richard^, John^, James^, Roger^) was born 20 
Aug. 1772. He was a farmer at Castle Ring, died 17 June, 
1850, and was buried at Louth. He married at Ardee 18 Feb. 
1808 Mary Ann, only daughter of Gibbons Ruxton of Black- 
castle, County Meath. She was born 30 July, 1774, and died 
7 April, 1812. Her first husband was W. Young, Esq. 


54. i. Charles", born 24 Nov. 1808; had one daughter, 
Sydney Elizabeth, who married (i) Geary; (2) Arch- 
deacon Bode. Charles died in 1894 and was buried at 
Newcastle; his home was at Ulimbah, Newcastle, New 
South Wales. He was a major in the army. 

55. ii. John, born 27 Dec. 1809; died Aug. 1900. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth and had: 

1. i?ic/ztfr^ i^z^vrow, graduated Dublin University 1861. 
Barrister, died 1872. 

2. Sophia, married J. Rogers. 

3. Mary Ann, married W. Thom. 

4. Sydney Massey, married John J. Russell of Dunleer. 

56. iii. Richard, of Castle Ring, and Donaghmoyne, 
County Monaghan, born 21 Feb. 1811; died Nov. 1872, 
and buried at Louth; married Mary Sophia Ward, daugh- 
ter of Rev. Cornelius Marshall, on 20 Jan. 1853, and had: 

I. John Marshall, born Feb. 1858; married 12 Dec. 
1 895 Florinda Julia, daughter of Rev. James Robert 
Ffolliott. She died in March, 1931. B.A. Trinity 
College, Dublin. Of Castle Ring, and Donagh- 
moyne, Carrickmacross, County Monaghan. He has 
over 500 acres, and raises cattle and sheep. His let- 
ters speak of the difficulty of farming profitably in 


the Irish Free State. He owns (1935) the original 
portraits of Sir Richard Bolton, Lord Chancellor, 
1639, and of Sir Edward Bolton. 

2. Archer Clive, born 24 June, 1859. Major North- 
amptonshire Regiment. Died Nov. 1932. 

3. Richard, born 26 Dec. 1861; died without issue 
1893; married Clare Barrett. Lie was a physician. 

4. Anna Sophia, married 22 June, 1876, Alexander 
Henry of Rathnesten, County Louth (Burke says 
Richard Baillie Henry). 

5. Sidney, died unmarried. 

6. Margaret Cornelia. 

7. Elizabeth Jason Riixton, married Rev. Hugh 

8. Josephine Florinda, married 11 Sept. 1889, Rev. 
Charles Francis Bosvile Tottenham, and had eight 

47. Edward^" Bolton {Robert^, Edward^, Richard'', Nicho- 
las^, Sir Edward^, Sir Richard*, John^, James-, Roger^) was 
born about 1756, and married Miss Donaldson. He married 
(2) Frances, daughter of Joseph Neynoe (mar. He. 22 Jan. 
1798) of Brazeel. Executor of his father's will in 1798. About 
1801-06 Mr. Bolton sent a petition to PhiHp, Earl of Hard- 
wick, " Lord Lieut. General and General Governor of Ire- 
land," stating that his income was no more than "£500 a year 
and his house and demesne to live upon." His ancestors. Sir 
Richard Bolton, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland from 1639 
to 1648 inclusive, with a salary of £311.17.6 per annum, and 
Sir Edward Bolton, chief baron of the Court of Exchequer of 
Ireland from 1640 to 1648 inclusive, at a salary of £251.10.10 
per annum, with their personal services and fortunes aided and 
assisted the Royal family and government, and supported the 
Protestant ascendancy to the utmost of their power. They 
relinquished their salaries for several years, for which he held 


debentures amounting to £4758.13,5. This did not include 
plate lent to the government by Sir Edward in 1642, said to 
be several hundred ounces. The said Edward's grandfather 
Edward and his father Robert had applied to the viceroys in 
vain. The petitioner himself had for several years served in 
the Horse Guards Blue, and in the Irish yeomanry during the 
rebellion of 1798. He had never enjoyed any position of profit 
and was in delicate health, with a large family. His estate was 
in the hands of trustees. 
Children by first wife: 

i. Anne Maria, married W. B. Neynoe. 

57. ii. Robert" Compton. 

58. iii. Edward Compton. 

Children by second wife: 

iv. Ellen Frances, married John Wilson. 

59. V. William Edward. 

60. vi. Richard Nassau. 

48. Robert Compton^° Bolton {Roberf, Edward^, Rich- 
ard', Nicholas^, Sir Edward'% Sir Richard*, John^, James', 
Roger^) was born about 1760. He married Elizabeth Rose, 
daughter and co-heir of James Massey-Dawson of Ballyna- 
court or New Forest in Tipperary, June, 1779. See Landed 
Gentry for i860 and 1871. 

61. i. John Massey", of Ballywyre, County Tipperary. 
He married and had 

1. Robert^-. 

2. John. 

3. William. 

4. Mary. 

62. ii. Robert James. 
62- iii. James Dawson. 

iv. Elizabeth. 
V. Catherine Margaret. 


57. Robert Compton'^ Bolton {Edward^'', Robert^, Ed- 
ward^, Richard', Nicholas^, Sir Edward^, Sir Richard*, John^, 
James-, Roger^) married in 1800 Charlotte, daughter of 
Joseph Neynoe. 


i. Anne, married Loftus Neynoe of Castle Neynoe, 
County Sligo. 

64. ii. Richard'-, of Bective Abbey, County Meath, 
J. P. He married Frances, daughter of Robert Bomford 
of Rahinstown, County Meath. He died 27 Feb. 1868. 
" Frances's sister Jemima married Richard Bolton of 

6$. iii. Robert, married Maria, daughter of John 
Arthur of Seafield, County Dublin. Issue. 
John Marshall Bolton says (1935) that he bought Sir 
Richard's portrait and papers from the last of the Bective 
Boltons when he went off to South Africa. 

59. William Edward" Bolton {Edward^^, Robert^, Ed- 
ward^, Richard^, Nicholas^, Sir Edward^, Sir Richard*, John^, 
lames'^, Roger^) married Ellen, daughter of Joseph Hone. 


Reginald Richard''. 
Mary Frances. 

60. Richard Nassau" Bolton (Edward^°, Robert^, Ed- 
ward^, Richard\ Nicholas^, Sir Edward^, Sir Richard*, John^, 
James-, Roger^) was Captain of the 84th Regiment. J. P. 
County Meath. He married in 1830 Georgina, daughter of 
Major General Arthur Morris of Brockham. 


68. i. Arthur Nassau", Lieut. H. M. 56th Regi- 
ment, born 6 Feb. 1836. 




• • • 





• • 


Charles Edward. 


• • • 


Richard Albert. 



William Henry. 



Frederick Loftus. 



Edwin Neynoe. 



Robert Fitz-Roy. 



Alfred Seymour. 


Georgina Frances. 


Celina Gessie, married 





Emily Anne. 


Lucy Ellen. 


Harrietta Clementina. 

Oliver Barker of 




ALTHOUGH this family appears in Burke's Landed 
f-^k Gentry of Ireland, 1899 and 19 12, the pedigree is 
'*- -^ little more than an outline. Attempts to get details 
have been successful only in part. Authorities at Harrow School 
were unable to learn the history of William Gordon Bolton 
(No. 38). William Bolton (No. 18) and wife are pictured in 
Dorothea Herbert's Retrospections (1929). 

" Island House," the home of the Boltons, is two miles 
west of the small village of Kilmuckridge, and ten miles from 
Enniscorthy which is in the centre of the county, on the River 

Beaumaris, whence came the Wexford Boltons, is eighty 
miles west of Liverpool. Long before Liverpool grew to im- 
portance families of Bolton lived in the vicinity at Childwall 
and West Derby. They were influential and built a Hall, part of 
which is preserved in a museum in Liverpool. In 1609 Richard 
and William Bolton were pew-owners in Childwall, now a sub- 
urb of Liverpool, and Humphrey, who married Janeta Lee in 
1603, had a pew at Little Woolton, four miles south of Child- 
wall. Henry Bolton in 1609 was church warden at Childwall. 
These names are significant. 

In May, 191 2, G. LI. Bolton of Curragh Camp copied a 
pedigree from the " Irish Record Office " which is referred to 
here as "Wright's Notes"; Rev. W. Ball Wright in 1887 
made researches. 

The church registers were removed from Ballinastraw to 
the Four Courts, Dublin, for greater safety, but were burned 
there in 1922. 



ALTHOUGH this family appears in Burke's Landed 
/-J^ Gentry of Ireland, 1899 and 191 2, the pedigree is 
-*- -^ little more than an outline. Attempts to get details 
have been successful only in part. Authorities at Harrow School 
were unable to learn the history of William Gordon Bolton 
(No. 38). William Bolton (No. 18) and wife are pictured in 
Dorothea Herbert's Retrospections (1929). 

" Island House," the home of the Boltons, is two miles 
west of the small village of Kilmuckridge, and ten miles from 
Enniscorthy which is in the centre of the county, on the River 

Beaumaris, whence came the Wexford Boltons, is eighty 
miles west of Liverpool. Long before Liverpool grew to im- 
portance families of Bolton lived in the vicinity at Childwall 
and West Derby. They were influential and built a Hall, part of 
which is preserved in a museum in Liverpool. In 1609 Richard 
and William Bolton were pew-owners in Childwall, now a sub- 
urb of Liverpool, and Humphrey, who married Janeta Lee in 
1603, had a pew at Little Woolton, four miles south of Child- 
wall. Henry Bolton in 1609 was church warden at Childwall. 
These names are significant. 

In May, 191 2, G. LI. Bolton of Curragh Camp copied a 
pedigree from the " Irish Record Office " which is referred to 
here as "Wright's Notes"; Rev. W. Ball Wright in 1887 
made researches. 

The church registers were removed from Ballinastraw to 
the Four Courts, Dublin, for greater safety, but were burned 
there in 1922. 



Richard^ Bolton of Beaumaris, Anglesey, Wales, must 
have been born as early as 1595. He was a witness in 1619/20. 
It was his wife perhaps who as Jonett Bolton proved the will 
of her mother Anne, widow of Thomas Williams of Beaumaris, 
15 July, 1650. Richard probated the will of Arthur Williams 
of Llanpatrick, Anglesey, in 1637/8. (P.c. Canterbury.) 

Children : 

2.(?) i. Richard-, born about i62o(?), of Beaumaris, 
and later of Ballyduff, County Wexford. Supposed to be 
the first of the line of Bolton of The Island, Kilmuckridge, 
County Wexford, recorded by Burke. Probably a son of 

3. ii. Humphrey-, born in 1622. He entered Jesus 
College, Oxford, in 1637, aged 15, as son of Richard of 
Beaumaris. B.A. 6 Nov. 1640; M.A. 7 July, 1643. He 
was a scholar of Jesus College and Foundationer of the Free 
School of Beaumaris, Nov. 1648. He must have died late 
in Dec. 1648, for administration of his estate was granted 
4 Jan. 1648/9 to his brother Lewis. 

4. iii. Lewis^, born perhaps about 1624. 

2. Richard- Bolton {Richard'^) seems to have been born 
about 1620. He lived at Ballyduff, County Wexford, having 
come perhaps from Beaumaris, Wales, near Bangor, and not 
far from Liverpool. 


5.(?) i. ANTHONY^ born about 1640. 

5a. ii. Humphrey, born in 1648. 

5b. iii. Henry, born about 1652. Of Ballyduff. Will 


5. Anthony^ Bolton (Richard-, Richard^) is known by 
documents copied by Rev. W. Ball Wright in 1887. His wife 
was a daughter of Jerom Markham of Kilkeavan, County 
Wexford, seven miles from Ballyduff. Markham's will was 
probated in 1667, at which time his daughter was Anthony's 


wife. Just how he was related to Richard and Humphrey is 

not known. 

Supposed son (or perhaps son of Humphrey) : 

6. i. Richard*, born about 1670. 

5a. Humphrey^ Bolton (Richard-, Richard^) was born in 
1648 at Beaumaris, Wales. He was tutored by Mr. Owen 
and entered Dubhn University in 1666, aged 18, as the son of 
Richard, " generosus." On 22 November, 1671, he became a 
minor canon of St. Patrick's, DubHn, and Prebendary of Mayne 
(Ossory) in 1672. 

6. Richard* Bolton (Anthony^, Richard^, Richard^) was 
born about 1670, the first generation mentioned in Burke. 
When Anthony died, in 1702, this Richard (unless he was a 
different Richard) re-leased lands in Kilpatrick, Crane, and 
Ballinvalley, and was called a yeoman. Burke calls him of 
Ballyduff. He married about 1694 Grace. 


6a. i. Richard^ born about 1685. Married Anne 


6b.(?) ii. William, born about 1694. Of BaUinvalley, 

County Wexford, Gentleman when he died in 1762 (admin. 

5 Feb.), his grandson, Samuel Rowsom of Curragh Table, 

County Wexford, farmer, being administrator. 

In 1734 he leased to Moore and Jones the lands of 
Kilpatrick, Crane and Ballinvalley which his father, Rich- 
ard, had presumably re-leased in 1702 upon the death of 
his grandfather, Anthony. This is the pedigree of three 
generations made out in 1887 by Rev. W. Ball Wright and 
copied in 1934 by Edward Richards Bolton of London. 
6c. iii. Edward, born at Kilpatrick, County Wexford, 
in 1696. Entered Dublin University in 17 14/15, aged 19, 
having prepared at Mr. Sheridan's in Dublin. He was the 
son of Richard, a " colonus." 

7. iv. Henry of Ballyduff; will 1752. 


6a. Richard^ Bolton {Richard*, Anthony^, Richard-, Rich- 
ard^) was born about 1685. He was of BallydufE and Cold 
Harbor, County Wexford, and married Anne, daughter of Sir 
J. Roberts of Ardamine. He died in January, 1730, a 
" colonus " or farmer. His will was dated the 8th and proved 
the 14th of January, 1730. 


(?) i. Anne, born about 1713. Of Kilnemanagh, 
County Wexford, spinster, when marriage license was is- 
sued 17 Nov. 1 73 1 to marry George Annesley of St. 
Bridget's, Dubhn. 

8. ii. Richard^ born about 1715. 

iii. Elizabeth, married William Perceval of Bally- 
trammon. County Wexford. He was baptized 17 12. 

9. iv. John, born about 17 18. 

10. V. William, born about 1720. 

11. vi. Benjamin, born about 1 72 1. 

12. vii. Abraham, born about 1723. See Note 2. 

13. viii. Hugh, born about 1725. Perhaps of Crandaniell. 
15. ix. Henry, born about 1727. Married and had issue. 
Of Ballyduff. 

X. Mary. 
xi. Diana. 

Note I : Who were James and John Bolton of Wilton, 
County Wexford, freemen 1782? 

Note 2 : Mr. William Bolton of The Island writes (1934) : 
"A Colonel Bolton lives in Sussex, a descendant of Colonel 
Abraham Bolton who commanded the iith Hussars in 
the Peninsular war " (1808-18 14). This is Richard George 
Ireland Bolton (b. 1865), son of Richard G. Bomford 
Bolton (d. 1890). Educated at Eton. Lieut. Col. Scots 
Guards; retired 1920. Of Bolney, Sussex. 

8. Richard^ Bolton {Richard^, Richard*, Anthony^, Rich- 
ard', Richard^) was born about 17 15. According to Burke he 


had two sons. His home, Ballyduff House, the old Bolton 
manor house, was burnt In the rebellion of 1798. 

Children : 

16. i. Edward", born about 1750. 

17. ii. Richard, born about 1755. 

9. JoHN^ Bolton {Richard'% Richard*, Anthony^, Richard-, 
Richard^) was born about 17 18. He lived at The Island, 
County Wexford, and had a considerable fortune. He died 
without issue, and by will dated 10 August, 1758, proved 10 
November, left his fortune to his brother William. The Island, 
Cold Harbor, and Ballinastraw were names for the same estate. 

10. William'' Bolton {Richard'', Richard*, Anthony^, Rich- 
ard^, Richard^) was born about 1730. He was a commissioner 
for taking affidavits in Wexford. He married, first, Grace, 
2d daughter of Denny Cuffe of Sandhill, County Carlow. He 
married, second, Miss Lyndon. He was of Dublin when he 
died in 1776 intestate (admin. 13 April). Henry and John 
were administrators. 


18. I. William^ born about 1745. 

19. Ii. Henry Denny, born about 1754. 

20. III. John, born about 1756. 

Mr. Bolton married, second. Miss Lyndon, and had: 

21. Iv. Lyndon, born about 1760. 

12. Abraham'' Bolton {Richard"^, Richard*, Anthony'', Rich- 
ard", Richard^) was born about 1723. He lived at Ballinvalley, 
County Wexford, and married Anne Eyres. His will was pro- 
bated in 1753. 


22. I. Henry^ born about 1746. Hellvedat Monamolln, 
County Wexford, and went to New York in 1772. He 
married Mary, daughter of Adam Sutton, of Bog and 


Warren, County Wexford. One daughter, Isabella, mar- 
ried to Joaquin Carrion, of Madrid, Councillor of State to 
the King of Spain. See Notes. 

1 6. Edward" Bolton (Richard^, Richard^, Richard*, An- 
thony^, Richard', Richard^) was born about 1750. Of Ballin- 
astraw and married Anne Richards at Glynn, County Wex- 
ford, 5 Feb. 1793. During the rebellion of 1798 she was 
brought up to Dublin in a market cart disguised as a peasant 
woman, bringing her children. He died young. 


i. ANNE^ born 12 Nov. 1794. 

25. ii. Richard, born 23 Jan. 1795. Solicitor in 
Dublin. Married 27 Aug. 18 18 a Richards. 

26. iii. Henry, born 25 April, 1796 (or 7), of Bal- 
linastraw. He married a Hamilton. " Grand uncle of 
Henry Edward Bolton." He died about 1890, and Ballin- 
astraw then went to a younger brother William (No. 29). 

iv. Jemima, born 24 Aug. 1798; died 11 Feb. 

V. Anne, born 16 July, 1800. Died early. 

27. vi. Edward, born 16 Aug. 1801. "Grandfather 
of Henry Edward Bolton." He, John and William were 
apprenticed to Messrs. Kinahan, whiskey merchants in 

vii. Elizabeth, born 24 Feb. 1803. Died early. 

28. viii. John, born 10 July, 1804, of Dublin. He mar- 
ried Mary Ann Richards. 

29. ix. William, born 28 Feb. 1806. Born at Bal- 
linastraw and lived there and at Dublin. 

30. X. Francis M., born 3 June, 1807. 
xi. Anne, born 22 June, 1808. 

30a. xii. Solomon, born 16 March, 18 12. 
xiii. Elizabeth, born 18 May, 18 13. 


17. Richard^ Bolton {Richard^, Richard^, Richard'^, An- 
thony^, Richard', Richard^) was born about 1755. He mar- 
ried and had a 


30b. i. RoBERT^ born about 1780. 

18. William^ Bolton {William^, Richard^, Richard'^, An- 
thony^, Richard', Richard^) was born about 1745. He lived at 
The Island, County Wexford, and was High Sheriff in 1789. 
He married (license 11 Oct. 1780) Dorothea, daughter of Sir 
John Blunden, Bart., of Castle Blunden, County Kilkenny. They 
are referred to in Dorothea Herbert's Retrospections (1929). 

William Bolton and his wife once or twice a year journeyed 
to Castle Blunden, County Kilkenny, to join in the family 
revelries. There was " always a full and merry house " of 
Mrs. Bolton's relatives, including her brother, the second Sir 
John, who was " very handsome," and had " no fault but an 
overlove of the Fair Sex and the bottle " (p. 69). When her 
sister Charlotte married Mr. Matthews they had " Perpetual 
Squabbles as the latter [Mrs. B.] plagued her most heartily." 
Mr. Bolton was laid up by the Gout on this occasion (p. 121). 


31. i. WILLIAM^ born about 1782. 

32. ii. Philip, born 1785 ; of Holly Lodge, Rathmines, 
County Dublin, a major in the army. Died without issue. 

33. iii. OvRiNGTON. Died without issue. Named after 
Mrs. Bolton's brother. 

iv. John, of Ballynapierce or Ballynapence. Died 

V. Anne, married Alexander Tovey, 20th Regi- 
ment. She died 1821. 

vi. Lucy, married David Ledwith, M.D. 
vii. Dorothea, married Richard Ledwith. 

19. Henry Denny^ Bolton {William^, Richard^, Richard'^, 
Anthony^, Richard', Richard^) was born about 1754. He pre- 


pared for college with Richard " Bruff " or Brough of County 
Carlow and entered Dublin University 20 May, 1772. B.A. 
1775. He married (license 20 Aug. 1776) Anna Maria, 
daughter of Jonah Wheeler of Lyrath, County Kilkenny. He 
was a physician and died in 1790. 


34. i. William^, born about 1778. 

(?) ii. Henry, born about 1780. Linen-draper, mar- 
ried in 18 1 8 Matilda Douglas. 

21. Lyndon* Bolton {William^, Richard^, Richard^, An- 
thony^, Richard-, Richard^) was born about 1760. He was a 
Hnen-draper in Dublin and married (license i Nov. 1793) 
Jane Carpenter of Dublin, spinster at St. Nicholas-Without. 


35. i. Richard^ born about 1795. 

26. ii. Rev. Lyndon Henry, born at Dublin 10 March, 

37. iii. Col. Abraham, born at Dublin in 1805. Entered 
Dublin University in 1822, aged 17. He prepared for col- 
lege at Mr. Gwynne's. 

38. iv. William Gordon, born about 1822. Entered 
Dublin University in 1839, aged 17, having been prepared 
at Harrow School. B.A. 1842. He had two daughters, 
Conte Gordon Bolton and Leila Gordon Bolton, who lived 
at Emperor's Gate, London. 

V. Belinda, married, 21 June, 1842, Andrew Irwin 
of Ballymore. She died 14 March, 1873. 

vi. Emily, married John Irwin of Camlin. They 
have many descendants in the United States. 

25. Richard^ Bolton {Edward\ Richard^, Richard^, Rich- 
ard*, Anthony^, Richard', Richard^) was of Gorey and Bal- 
linastraw, and born Jan. 23, 1795. He married Miss Richards 
27 Aug. 1 8x8, and on her death he married her cousin. Miss 


Richards of Ardamine. He became a solicitor in Dublin and 
was created by George IV on 8 Dec. 1828, Master Extraor- 
dinary in Chancery for Ireland. 


39. i. Edward* John, born about 1820; married 
Martha, daughter of Captain Henry Kerwan of Castle 
Hacket and Thomastown, County Galway. 

27. Edward* Bolton {Edward\ Richard^, Richard^, Rich- 
ard*, Anthony^, Richard^, Richard^) was born 16 Aug. 1801 
and lived in Dublin at 93 Upper Leeson Street. He married a 
Miss Navoe and had : 

40. i. Henry Edward^ born about 1830. He had: 

1. Herbert H., of Dublin. 

2. Henry Edward^^, born about i860. In 1934 he was 
of " The Hostel," 2 Ivy Place, Colchester, Essex, a 
physician. Has Alfred, Henry, John, Robert, 

ii. Susan. Married George Glorney. Had sons 
Corlette of London, and C. Parker of George's Quay, Dub- 
lin. Also a daughter Ethel M. Glorney of Manhasset, L. I. 
Corlette married Helene Guggenheim of N. Y. The Tatler 
for 6 Nov. 1935 had a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Corlette 

28. John* Bolton {Edward'' , Richard^, Richard^, Richard'^, 
Anthony^, Richard'^, Richard^) of No. i Bolton Terrace, Clar- 
inda Park, Dublin, was born 10 July, 1 804. He died at Glennah 
Sillorgan, Blackrock. He married Mary Ann Richards, and 
became a Dublin merchant. 


41. i. Rev. Edward Richards, married Alice Terrett. 
No issue. 

ii. Anna, married Harmon de Montfort. Six 

42. iil. George, married Judith Keane. Several children. 


iv. Frances, married Mr. Wright. 

43. V. Joseph Allen, born 1847. 

44. vi. Richard, married Miss Perrin. A solicitor at 
Casterton, Australia. 

45. vii. William, of Maidstone. Died 1936. 
viii. Constance Emily, of Maidstone. 

29. William® Bolton {Edward\ Richard'^, Richard^, Rich- 
ard^, Anthony^, Richard'^, Richard'^) was born 28 Feb. 1806, 
and lived at Ballinastraw and at Fitzwilliam Lodge, Blackrock, 
County Dublin. He founded the Dublin firm of W. Bolton and 
Company in 1853 and took his son William into partnership in 
1 89 1. He married Anna Matilda Barklie of Dromedaragh, 
County Antrim. 


46. i. Edward^, married Anna Sophia Jones, daughter 
of the Vicar of Nevern. Died aged 't^^i without issue. 

ii. Edith, married Richard Thomas Hearn, M.D., 
F.R.C.S.I., of Rathmines, County Dublin. 

47. iii. William, born in 1859. A member of the firm 
of William Bolton and Company, Dublin. He was born at 
Blackrock, County Dublin, and died 11 Nov. 1933, aged 
75. Unmarried. The JVeekly Irish Times for Nov. i8th 

" The death has taken place, after a long illness, of 
Mr. William Bolton at his residence, 7 Belgrave Square, 
Dublin. Born at Blackrock, County Dublin, seventy-five 
years ago, he was educated at Rice's School, Baggot Street. 
In 1 891 he entered into partnership with his father in the 
well-known Dublin business concern, William Bolton and 
Company, founded by him in 1853. 

" He was an extensive breeder of collie dogs. 

" Mr. Bolton will be best remembered for the many 
acts of kindness which he performed, not only to his own 
employes, but towards the various charitable concerns in 


which he was interested. His death removes a lovable per- 
son from Dublin commercial life." 

He had Ballinastraw from his father William who in- 
herited it from his brother Henry. His sister, Mrs. Hearn, 
has recently (1934) placed an altar in the Parish Church of 
Ballinastraw in his memory, dedicated by the Bishop of 
Ossory. Humphrey Bolton, prebendary of Ossory in 1672, 
would seem to have been related to Nos. 2, 3 and 4. 

31. William^ Bolton {William', William^ Richard^ Rich- 
ard*, Anthony^, Richard-, Richard^) was born about 1782. 
High Sheriff 18 16. He married Jane, daughter of Joshua 
Nunn (marriage hcense 3 May, 181 1) of St. Margaret's, 
County Wexford, and died in 1853. 


48. i. William^, born 1 8 15. 

26. Rev. Lyndon Henry® Bolton {Lyndon'', William^, 
Richard"", Richard", Anthony^, Richard', Richard^) was born 
at Dublin 10 March, 1801. He entered Dublin University in 
1820, aged 18, received a B.A. in 1825, and M.A. in 1865. He 
married, 26 Jan. 1826, Anna Maria, daughter of Walter 
Bourne, Clerk of the Crown to the Queen's Bench, and died 
20 Nov. 1869. He was rector of Drumcondra, County Meath, 
and had lands at Carrickmines, County Dublin, and at Burren 
and Cooleague, County Cavan. Mrs. Bolton died 14 May, 


49. i. Lyndon®, born 20 Nov. 1826. 

50. ii. Walter, born 1828. Entered Dublin University, 
1844, aged 16. 

51. iii. Rev. Richard Knott, born i May, 1830. 

52. iv. Dr. Abraham Irwin, B.A. Trinity College, Dub- 
lin, i860; B.M. 1861. Died 25 May, 1909. 

V. Elinor, married, 1866, John Francis Bomford of 
Oakley Park. 


53. vi. Henry, died unmarried. 

54. vli. William, died unmarried, 
viii-ix. Daugiiters. 

39. Edward^ John Bolton {Richard^, Edward', Richard^, 
Richard^, Richard*, Anthony^, Richard^, Richard^) was born 
about 1820. Foxrock Lodge, County Dublin. A well-known 
yachtsman at Kingstown, Ireland; member Royal Thames, also 
Royal Irish Yacht Clubs. He married Martha, daughter of 
Captain Kerwan of County Galway. They had a 


55. i. Richard^", born 1846; of Grouse Lodge, County 
Kildare. He married ( i ) Adelaide, daughter of Dr. Ed- 
ward French of Monivea, County Galway, and died in 
1885. He had: 


1. Edward John, of Athlone, who married Miss Tiny 
Lawder and had a son, Edward. 

2. Digby, a Colonel in the army, who married Ger- 
trude, daughter of Major General W. S. M. Price 
of Glangwilly, Carmarthen. Without issue. Lives 
at Auburn, Fleet, Hants. 

3. Evelyn Martha, married Dr. Frank Bell of Ware- 

He married (2) Maria Adelaide, daughter of Edward 
Kildahl Atkin, M.D., of Edenderry, King's County, and 


4. Mary Adelaide, deceased before 1935. 

5. Richard, born 15 April, 1881, at Douglas, Isle of 
Man. A clergyman. He spent his boyhood at 
Kingstown and Rathmines, County Dublin, and in 
Carbury, County Kildare. About 1906 he came to 

Edward Richards Bolton of London 
F.I.C.; M.I.Chem.E. ; F.C.S. 


America and is a retired Episcopal clergyman at 
Natchitoches, Louisiana (1935)- He married 
Mary, daughter of Anthony Starkey of Somerset- 
shire, and has : 

a. Richard Anthony, born La Crosse, Wisconsin, 
2 1 Sept. 1 906 ; married, 24 Sept. 1928, Lucille 
McLean Lyman of Washington. Children: 
Mary Elizabeth, born 1929; Richard An- 
thony, born 1 931; Ronald McLean, born 


b. Francis Digby Starkey, born La Crosse, Wis- 
consin, 19 May, 1908; married 25 April, 
1 93 1, Margaret Hazel Adcock of Coushatta, 
Louisiana. Child: Barbara Gayle, born 1933. 

c. Edward Kildahl, born 31 Jan. 1915. 

43. Joseph Allen^ {John^, Edward', Richard^, Richard^, 
Richard*, Anthony^, Richard'^, Richard^) was born in 1847. 
He married Marie Moor Falkiner, who was born in 1854, and 
lived at Blackrock, County Dublin, and later at Orchard 
House, Clondalkin, where he died in 1881. He was buried at 
Naas, County Kildare. She married (2) A. F. Douglas in 
1896, and lived at Fleet, Hants. 


56. i. Edward Richards'", F.I. C, F.C.S., M.I.Chem.E., 
only son of J. A. Bolton, of Blackrock, County Dublin; 
born 1878 ; educated Bedford and King's College, London; 
married, 1902, Norah J. Kay, daughter of Robert Binning, 
of Glasgow. President Society of Public Analysts, 1926-28; 
vice-president Institute of Chemistry of Great Britain and 
Ireland, 1925-28; member of the Delegacy of University 
of London, King's College; member of Chemical Council 
of the British Standards Institution and chairman of its 
committees on Oils and Fats; member of Advisory Com- 
mittee on Plant and Animal Products of the Imperial Insti- 


tute and chairman of committee on Oils and Oilseeds; 
managing director of Technical Research Works, Ltd. ; 
author of " Oils, Fats and Fatty Foods," and of various 
other technical works and numerous communications to 
learned societies. Member Carlton Club. Addresses: 
17 Addison Rd., Kensington W. 14; Laboratories, 6 Milner 
St. S.W.3. 

48. William^ Bolton {JVilliam^, WiUiam\ WilUam^, Rich- 
ard^, Richard^, Anthony^, Richard', Richard^) was born in 
1815. J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff in 1856. He married in 
1843 Susan, daughter of Mountiford Westropp of Mellon 
House, County Limerick; of the 17th Light Dragoons. She 
died in Feb. 1886. He was of The Island, Kilmuckridge, Gorey, 
County Wexford, and died in Dublin in 1905. See Burke's 
Landed Gentry of Ireland for 19 12. 


57. i. William^", born 19 Jan. 1850. 

58. ii. Mountiford, died unmarried in South America, 
iii. Jane, married 15 July, 1869, William Henry 

West of Farmley, Ferns, County Wexford, J. P. Had a 

49. Lyndon® Bolton {Rev. Lyndon Henry^, Lyndon'', Wil- 
liam^, Richard^, Richard*, Anthony^, Richard', Richard^) was 
born 20 Nov. 1826. He married, 15 Dec. 1858, Elizabeth 
Henrietta, daughter of Edward Creed, of Ballyclough House, 
County Cork. She died 17 Dec. 1893. He died 4 April, 1900. 

59. i. Lyndon'°, born 31 May, i860. 

51. Rev. Richard® Knott Bolton {Rev. Lyndon Henry^, 
Lyndon\ JViUiam^, Richard^, Richard*, Anthony^, Richard^, 
Richard^) was born i May, 1830. He married 17 April, 1856, 
Josephine Ruth Susannie, daughter of Rev. James Taylor, 
Vicar of St. John's, Newcastle-on-Tyne, and died 13 April, 

William Bolton, Esquire, of " The Island," County Wexford. 
From a photograph taken for this book. 

(No. 57.) 


1909. His wife died 1 1 June, 1931, aged 99. He graduated at 
Trinity College, Dublin, in 1853; curate of Brierley Hill, 1854- 
56; Ridgeway, 1856-57; rector Newbold w. Dunston, Derby- 
shire, 1857-89; Fenney-Bentley, Ashbourne, 1889 to the time 
of his death. See the British Museum Catalogue for a list of 
his writings. 

i. Evelyn Mary, married 3 Feb. 1881, Edmund 

Wilson Barnes, of Glapwell Hall, Derbyshire, and has 


ii. Josephine Anna, married Rev. Ernest Edwin 

Morris, M.A., Vicar of Ashbourne, Derbyshire, and has 


57. William^'' Bolton {William^, William^, William\ Wil- 
liam^, Richard^, Richard"^, Anthony^, Richard^, Richard^) was 
born 1 9 Jan. 1850. He married, 1 2 Sept. 1872, Annie Douglas, 
daughter of John Rowe, D.L., of Ballycross, County Wexford. 
He Hves (1934) at The Island. 

60. i. William's born 17 Aug. 1877. Unmarried 1934- 
ii. Eva Susan, married 5 Jan. 1904, Hon. Hamil- 
ton Robert Tilson Grogan Fitzmaurice Deane-Morgan, 
eldest son of Baron Muskerry. He died in India 30 July, 
1907, leaving a daughter Eileen, born in India. She mar- 
ried (2) 15 Feb. 1911, Godfrey William Edward Massy 
of New Court, Bray, County Wicklow. They lived for a 
time on a ranch in Texas. He died about 1924. She is liv- 
ing, 1934, at The Island. 

iii. Anna Margaret ("Lilly"), married 12 Nov. 
1902, Frederic Hughes of Ballycross, Bridgetown, County 
Wexford. He died about 1930. Three daughters. 

59. Lyndon'" Bolton {Lyndorf, Rev. Lyndon Henry^, 
Lyndon^, William^, Richard^, Richard^, Anthony^, Richard"^, 
Richard^) was born 31 May, i860. He married 6 June, 1895, 


Gertrude Mary, eldest daughter of Joseph Hunt, J. P., of 
Canterbury. He was of Burren and Cooleague, County Cavan, 
and of the Patent Office, London. Residence 4 Shakespeare 
Road, Bedford. He wrote a book on the theory of relativity, 
published in 1921. His portrait appeared in the Scientific 
American for 12 March, 1921. 


i. Joan Creed, born 17 April, 1896. 
61. ii. Lyndon", born 25 May, 1899. Married Eliza- 
beth Inglis and has a son Lyndon, born 24 Jan. 1937. 

iii. Rachel Gertrude, born 16 July, 1902. Mar- 
ried Leslie Frederick MacPherson Ryley. Issue, 
iv. Elizabeth Georgiana, born 3 Sept. 1908. 


Captain Bolton, said to have been of The Island and of 
Lisburn, married Abigail, daughter of Edward ( ?) and Rose 
(17 13-18 15) Hogg. Abigail (i 757-1 846) and the Captain 
had: I. James (1795-1867), Com. R.N. 2. John. 3. Edward 
Hogg ( 1 794-1 836), Surgeon, R.N. 4. Abigail, married Mr. 
Barnes. 5. Grace, married Mr. Barnett. 6. Eliza, married 
Rev. Edward Mockles, M.A. 7. Rose. 8. Theodosia. 9. Jane, 
married Mr. Fulton. 10. Dorothea ( 1790-1 846) , married Dr. 
Ffennell, R.N. 

Mr. Bolton of Crandaniell, County Wexford (village of 
Monamolin?), born about 1740, went with three sons, includ- 
ing Hugh (born about 1770) to Eastern Canada. Hugh mar- 
ried Alice Sunderland and had: Richard H., Henry, Alfred, 
John, Daniel, Jane, Alice, Sarah. Richard's son, Henry R., was 
the father of Dr. Redmond A. Bolton of Jamestown, North 
Dakota. See No. 13. 

"A Bolton, Henry, of Tommigaddy went to America, 
Alpina [Michigan?], when young, and made a large fortune. 
Henry Bolton of Ballinastraw and Fossie Bolton of Ballylusk." 
Letter of W. Bolton, The Island, Sept. 16, 1933. See No. 22. 

LvNDOX Boi.TON of Beclfoid, England, author of a work on the theorv 
of relati\it\'. From the Scie?itific A mcricnn, 12 March, 1921. 




THE parentage of Major Francis Bolton, Captain 
William Bolton, and Captain Thomas Bolton of 
Waterford has never been given in Burke's Landed 
Gentry of Ireland. Dugdale, however, stated that they were 
sons of William Bolton, living at Ripon in the time of King 
James I, and of Henrietta Barton ; grandsons of Thomas Bolton 
of Doncaster and his wife, a daughter of Henry Morton of 
Tickhill, near Bawtry. There is no evidence that the statement 
is true. The only person of the name in Ireland who could 
have been their father (if their father lived there) is the Rev. 
William Bolton, Dean of Ross in Cork, the adjoining county to 
Waterford. The Dean was ordained at Peterborough, Eng- 
land, 20 March, 1602, when he is referred to as a man from 
Magdalen College, Oxford. This William of Oxford came up 
from Warwickshire in 1585 and was a chorister in 1585-89. 
He was aged 12 in 1585 and therefore was born about 1573. 
The beautiful countryside between Worcester in the county 
of that name and Warwick to the eastward is famous as the 
" Shakespeare country." Here lived the Pritties, the Foleys, 
the Boltons, the Beaumonts, the Knightleys, and others like the 
Shakespeares who were even better known. At this time Peter 
Bolton, of county rank, was living at Warwick; Rev. William 
Bolton (with wife Mary), probably a brother, was at Beau- 
desert, between Worcester and Warwick, both sons it is sup- 
posed of William Bolton, lord of the manor of Little Bolton 
in Lancashire. The rector of Beaudesert (which village with 
Warwick and Stratford-on-Avon forms a triangle) had been 
rector of Berkswell, County Warwick, 1570-73, of St. Mary's 
Warwick, 1572-73, of WoottonWawen, 1579-80, and of Beau- 
desert from 1573 to the day of his death in 1580. He was a 



329GI JAN 31 1947 



Master of Arts and a " Professor of Sacred Theology." His 
will is missing, but it is reasonable to suppose that William, 
Dean of Ross, was his son/ If Captain William Bolton was the 
Beaudesert rector's grandson it would show why Colonel Henry 
Prittie took all three Boltons — Francis, William, and Thomas 
— into his regiment in Ireland, for Prittie married a Wor- 
cestershire girl and probably came from the Shakespeare 
country himself. Captain Bolton later married Colonel Prit- 
tie's daughter, and may have been connected by other family 

I. The Rev. William^ Bolton of Warwickshire became 
treasurer of Ross, County Cork (not far from Waterford) 
24 Feb. 16 14/5, and was rural vicar of Creagh and Miros, 
1614-1638. He had been ordained 20 March, 1602, by Dr. 
Thomas Dove, the Bishop of Peterborough, and in the record 
it is stated that he was from Magdalen College, Oxford. Mr. 
Bolton was probably the William Bolton, a land owner in 
County Cork recorded in 161 7, and became Prebend of Desert- 
more in the Cathedral of Cork from 1619 to 1627. He con- 
tinued as treasurer of Ross until 1631, became Vicar Choral 
also, and was instituted Dean of St. Fachtnas's Cathedral 
Church, Ross, 8 Jan. 1630/31. The Royal Visitors on a cer- 
tain occasion in 1634 pronounced him " an auncient and paineful 
preacher." His successor as Dean was chosen 12 Sept. 1638, 
when he was presumably dead. Nothing is known of his chil- 
dren, but as the Rev. Henry Bolton, a student at Dublin in 
1623, would naturally as a boy have a father in Ireland, the 
Dean seems the most likely candidate. Indeed I can find no 

^Possible brothers of the Dean of Ross were: Lawrence Bolton, Lord of the 
Manor of Grandboro, County Warwick, 1612; in General Conway's troop in Ire- 
land, 1613 ; married Anne, daughter of Edward Knightley; and Richard Bolton, 
who married Ursula Knightley. Lawrence's son Edmund married Mary Newdigate, 
whose aunt Mary Fitton was perhaps Shakespeare's " Dark Lady." See Miscel- 
lanea Genealogica et Heraldica, June, 1934- 


other available person. Those who are associated with this 
section of Ireland who may well have been his children are : 

2. i. Rev. Henry', born about 1608. Of Ratoath, 
County Meath and Corbally, County Waterford. 

3. ii. Major Francis, born about 1 6 10. Of Colonel 
Prittie's regiment. Descendants in County Tipperary. 

4. iii. Captain William, born in 1 61 3. Of Faithlegg 
Castle, County Waterford. In Colonel Prittie's regiment. 

5. iv. Captain Thomas, born about 1 61 5. Of Water- 

6. V. Charles, born about 161 8. Of County West- 
meath. Had sons at Dublin University. 

7. vi. Samuel, born about 1620. Of County Cork, 
Gent, in 1681. Tide surveyor of the Cove of Cork. Dead 
before 19 Aug. 1690. 

7a. vii. Daniel, born say about 1622. Debentures due 
to Lieut. Coll. Daniell Bolton £908.7.2 and £111.12.0, 
26 Sept. 1 8 Charles II ( 1 678 ) . He had property in County 

Note : One of these men is by tradition the ancestor or kins- 
man of the Boltons of the Bann valley. North Ireland. 

2. The Rev. Henry- Bolton {Rev. William^) was born 
about 1608. He received his B.A. at Dublin in 1625, and was 
vicar at Ratoath, County Meath. He was also prebendary of 
Corbally, County Waterford, from 14 Dec. 1636. In 1661 
Joshua Boyle said of Corbally: " It belongs to my friend Mr. 
Henry Bolton: the tythes are worth £20 yearly." He died 
vicar of Ratoath and intestate in 1675 (admin, granted 21 
March), leaving a widow Katherine. 


8. i. JoHN^ born 1655. Dean of Derry. 

9. ii. Thomas, born about 1658. The Lord Mayor of 
Dublin in 1717. 


3. Francis- Bolton {Rev. WilUam^) born perhaps about 
1610. His wife may have been a member of the Barnes family 
of Hadleigh and West Ham in Essex. See Muskett's Suffolk 
Manorial Families. R. Dunlop in his Ireland under Cromwell 
(vol. 2, p. 360) describes Major Bolton as a " brave and dili- 
gent officer " who aided in the capture of Ballinasloe Castle in 
1 65 1. He was a strong parliamentarian and was sent with his 
troop of horse to Londonderry. He appears occasionally from 
1653 to 1657 on the records of Templemore Cathedral at 
Londonderry as a witness at weddings. In 1659 he was sent 
to England with the Irish brigade. The vessel foundered and 
he, with other officers and men, was drowned. If his widow 
received land in Tipperary as compensation for her husband's 
services, or if she joined her father in Cashel, the following 
may have been his issue. 


10. i. Francis^, born about 1650. 

11. ii. Stephen, born about 1653. 

12. iii. Thomas, born about 1660. 

13. iv. John, born about 1655. He was a soldier at 
Kilkenny in Capt. Josias Haydocke's Company in 1681, 
and is called a trader. In 1675 ^ John " Gent " and Honor 
(Prittie?) had a daughter Grace baptized in Dublin. 

A John of Waterford's will was probated in 1687. 

14. V. Edward, born about 1657. This Edward was a 
soldier of Kilkenny in Capt. Joshua Helsham's company in 
1690. An Edward married Ann Holmes at St. Anne's in 
Dublin 4 Nov. 1686. 

vi. Daughter; married Tinson and had 

Joseph Tinson of Cooleany, County Tipperary, Gent. 

vii. Daughter; married Moland and had 

Elizabeth, a spinster in 1740. 

viii. Daughter, had a daughter Mary of Clonmel. 


4. William^ Bolton {Rev. William^) was born In 1613. A 
soldier in Cromwell's army, he was chosen by lot on Friday, 
20 April, 1649, by Cromwell himself to go to Ireland. When 
Waterford had surrendered to the Parliamentary army, Faith- 
legg (or Fatlock) castle, with its estate of 827 acres, was owned 
by John Aylward, a Roman Catholic friend of Cromwell, who 
offered to let Aylward retain his property, provided he would 
outwardly conform to the religion and politics of the conquer- 
ing host. Through Mrs. Aylward's influence he was persuaded 
to refuse the offer. Captain Bolton was then sent to storm the 
castle in October and took it. 

Faithlegg is five miles down the Suir from Waterford, on 
the inside of a bend in the river and on a hill, overlooking the 
Nore and Barrow, two streams which join the Suir at this 
point on the outer side of the bend. The view is very fine. In 
1655 or 1656 it was decreed that the men of Captain Bolton's 
company in Colonel Prittie's regiment were to be " satisfied " 
(for arrears of pay) with lands in Tipperary and Waterford. 
By various means officers got control of these " rights " of 
their men. In any case the Captain secured Faithlegg as a 
Cromwellian, and had this estate and a grant of 2,834 acres 
" in the Barony of Gaultier in County Waterford " confirmed 
to him by King Charles II on 19 May, 1666. 

He was mayor of Waterford in 1662, and showed himself 
a forceful but contentious politician. In 1665 he was lodging 
by the Castle Gate in far-away Barbados, where on 6 Febru- 
ary he wrote a letter to his friend Sir George Lane (Ormonde 
MSS., new series, volume 3, page 205) to plead for help, as 
he was a fugitive, branded as a murderer, having suffered in- 
dignities before his escape from Ireland, unable now to hope 
for justice, and deprived of his wife and children. He seems to 
have won the ear of the King, for he was back the next year 
with a confirmation of his estates. In 1 669 he was elected mayor 
of Waterford and raised a storm by refusing to appear before 
the Council. He retired to the country and in September was 


fined £20 (Downey's Story of fVaterford) . He was suspended 
from his office of alderman, 26 Feb. 1668/9, for saying that 
the mayor and council had ruined the city. The council accused 
him of trying to overturn the government, and destroy the 
liberties and privileges of the city. 

He was a fanatic, and as far back as Cromwell's time had 
preached in the pulpit of the Cathedral where he shocked the 
reverent by appearing in his " jack-boots." 

Captain Bolton married about 1655, Abigail, daughter of 
Col. Henry Prittie, High Sheriff of County Carlow, 1650, and 
of Tipperary, 1659, ancestor of Baron Dunalley. He died in 
1704, Mrs. Bolton was living in 1681 when she was plaintiff 
versus Henry Bolton in a House of Lords appeal from the 
Exchequer in Ireland. Her will was probated in 1709. 


15. i. Cornelius", born in 1656. 

16. ii. Charles, born 1658. 

17. ( ?) iii. Hugh. Called in Burke's Landed Gentry the 
Dean of Waterford, but as the Dean was born about 1682 
he was probably the son of William, No. 22, Probably he 
was a lieutenant at time of death in 1705. 

18. iv. Daniel, born about 1660. Died 1737. 
1 8a. V. Henry, born about 1660. 

19. vi. Michael, born about 1663. 

vii. Catherine, born about 1668. Married John 
Hawkins, Ulster King-of-arms. 

5. Thomas- Bolton {Rev. JVilUam^) was born about 161 5. 
His wife was Elizabeth to whom he refers in a will written by 
his own hand as his " dearly beloved wife." He was an Alder- 
man of Waterford, and Mayor in 1671. On 11 Feb. 1673, 
he asked the Council for 40 shillings for hire of a horse ridden 
in city business. The request was refused, perhaps as a result 
of party strife. His excellent will, dated 21 Aug. 1682, gives 
an impression of the man, kindly, religious, and successful, 


probably less erratic than his brother William. He wished to 
be buried in John's Abbey in Waterford, near his deceased son 
Benjamin. His signet went to his son Thomas. He wrote the 
will " but afterwards ye sd Thom. was grown more weak and 
not able to write his name." It is printed in Miscel. Geneal. et 
Heraldica, New Series, vol. 2, p. 133. Seal has on a bend be- 
tween 2 fleurs-de-lis 3 leopard faces. Crest: a stag's head hold- 
ing an arrow. 


20. i. Thomas^ born in 1654. 

21. ii. Benjamin, born about 1656. Died early, and 
buried in John's Abbey. Mentioned In his father's will. 

Hi. Elizabeth, born about 1658. Her father in his 
will says: " I beseech [my Trustees] to take care of my 
poore crippled girle." 

22. iv. William, born about 1660. 

23. V. Benjamin, born about 1662. 

6. Charles- Bolton {Rev. WiUiam^) was born about 161 8. 
He had a stone house In 1641 at Brantry wood near Caledon, 
County Tyrone. (Lord E. Hamilton's /n'^/i i?^/?^//io«, p. 271.) 
He seems to have lived in Dublin, in County Down and In 
County Westmeath. In the 1642 muster rolls for Northern 
areas he appears as Captain in a regiment controlled by the 
Chichester family. 


I. Elinor, burled at St. John's, Dublin, 26 Aug. 

24. ii. John, born in 1658 In County Down. Entered 
Dublin University In 1683 as the son of Charles. 

Perhaps the " Captain John " of Dublin, mentioned by 
Charles (No. 16) In his will In 1718. 

25. Hi. William, born in 1664 in County Westmeath. 
Entered Dublin University in 1683 as the son of Charles. 


7. Samuel^ Bolton {Rev. JVilliam^) was born perhaps 
about 1620. He was a land owner in Cork in 1681 when he is 
referred to as " Gent." Perhaps he held lands owned in 161 7 
by William Bolton who is here supposed to be his father. 

8. Rev. John^ Bolton {Rev. Henry\ Rev. William^) was 
born in 1655. He entered Dublin University in 167 1/2, aged 
about 16. He was ordained a priest 23 Dec. 1677, ^^'^ Per- 
haps soon after became the minister at Ratoath, County Meath, 
the Rev. Henry Bolton, vicar there, having died in 1675. On 
22 Oct. 1684, he had license to marry Dorcas Tomlinson of 
Drogheda, and at St. Michan's the next year their daughter 
Catherine was baptized 23 September, he being recorded at 
the time as minister of Ratoath. St. Michan's was then a 
fashionable Dublin church. Mr. Bolton became an M.A., and 
on 7 Feb. 1690/91 he was collated a prebendary of Dunlavin 
(St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin). On 25 Sept. 1700, he was 
instituted Dean of Derry, and was installed 16 October. Here 
he remained until his death. His will was dated 29 May, 1721, 
and proved 15 Feb. 1723/4. He leaves to his son Thomas his 
estate in Aughton near Ormskirk (Query: from his mother?), 
part of his Freehold estate in the Barony of Dunboy, County 
Meath, purchased from Nicholas Punkett, lands in Ratoath 
with " all right to the advowson and presentation to the vicar- 
age of Ratoath," and several other tracts of land. To his son 
Richard he leaves a lease of the town and lands of Little 
Lagore, County Meath, with other property. To his son 
Joseph 26 acres in Crackanstown, County Meath; likewise all 
benefit of a mortgage made to him by Alderman Thomas 
Bolton of Dublin of several houses, etc., on the Blind Key. He 
also provides for his daughter Elizabeth, then a minor. To 
Joseph he leaves a house in Ship Key Street, Londonderry, and 
*' two thirds of what money he laid out in building a new Dean's 
House in Bishop's Gate Street adjoining the churchyard of 
Londonderry." It appears to have been sworn to at Dublin. 



i. Catherine*, baptized at Dublin 23 Sept. 
ii. Mary, born possibly about 1688. Buried 



iii. Frances, born about 1690. Married 21 
Oct. 17 1 8, Rev. Thomas Warren, vicar of Carrickmacross 
1718-1741. Had: Joshua, Elinor, Margaret, Thomas. 

26. iv. Thomas, born 1692. A physician. 

V. Sarah, born about 1693. Married, about 
1 7 13, Robert Norman of Dublin, Mayor of Derry, 1711-15, 
M.P, 1733. In Burke under Norman the Dean is called 
" of Lagore, County Meath." She had: Rev. Thomas of 
Lagore, Frederick, Marcus, Conolly, and Florinda, the 
mother of Viscount Mountjoy. 

27. vi. Rev. Richard, born about 1695. 

28. vii. Joseph, born about 1698. 

(?) viii. Deborah, born about 1700. Married at St. 
Werburgh's, Dublin, 13 Apr. 17 18, Richard Nuttle, with 
license " from Dr. Bolton." 

ix. Elizabeth, born about 1704. A minor in 
1 72 1. Married Rev. Jonathan Rogers of St. Andrew, 
Dublin (license 26 Feb. 1730). 

9. Thomas^ Bolton (Rev. Henry^, Rev. William'^) was 
born perhaps about 1658. He appears in the list of Goldsmith's 
apprentices thus recorded: " 1676. Thomas Bolton, son of 
Rev'^ Henry of Ratoath, clerk, bound to Gerard Grace." It 
seems clear that he is the Thomas, goldsmith, of St. Wer- 
burgh's, Dubhn, who married Abigail Lackey of St. James 
(license 10 Nov. 1692). Also he was probably the alderman 
in 1704 and Lord Mayor in April, 17 17. He or another Thomas 
had many business dealings with John Bolton, Dean of Derry, 
and is mentioned, 1 721, in the Dean's will as alderman of Dub- 
lin. The goldsmith died in 1736 (admin. 20 Feb.), leaving as ad- 


ministrator his son, Rev. John Bolton, clerk. A Dublin maga- 
zine says: " 1736 Dec. On Sunday last in the Four Courts, 
Marshalsea, Thomas Bolton, formerly an alderman." A large, 
handsome silver tankard made by him was recently offered for 
sale in Boston, U. S. A.^ 


i. John*, born at Dublin in 1707. Entered Dublin 
University in 1723, aged 16, as the son of Thomas Bolton, 
Aurifex. B.A. 1728. 

( ?) ii. Thomas, born about 17 10. Of St. James, Dublin, 
merchant, when he married Elizabeth Cope of St. Mary's, 
Dublin (license 12 May, 1736). 

ID. Francis^ Bolton {Francis-, Rev. William^) was born 
about 1650. It would appear that after the death of his father, 
Major Bolton, in 1659, by drowning, the family moved to the 
vicinity of Cashel in Tipperary. There he married, about 1675, 
Mary (Burke says Margaret), daughter of Colonel Richard 

' The following notes are taken from an article about Thomas Bolton, by 
Kathryn Clark, in the Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, for April, 1930: 

A magnificent silver cup, made by Thomas Bolton of Dublin in 1693-1695, has 
been given to the Museum by Mr. Richard C. Paine. 

In 1686 Bolton was made a Freeman of the Dublin Goldsmiths' Company, and 
from then until 171 8 there are recorded many jouths, among them the sons of a 
clerk, a victualler, a clothier and a girdler, apprenticed to him. In 1690, on 
Michaelmas Day, he was chosen to be one of the four Wardens of the Company, 
to assume his responsibilities on St. Andrew's Day. The following year he was 
again elected a Warden, and in 1692 he was made Master. 

From 1692 to 1697, Thomas Bolton was the assay-master, and an entry of 
February 9, 1694, records that "Thomas Bolton, Assay Master, to charge i d. 
per oz. and to be charged 1/2 d. per oz. for assaying his own plate " — whence 
we may reckon the charge to him for stamping the crowned harp on this cup. 

The cup, described as " one of the finest known examples of Irish plate," shows, 
in form, the transition between the straight-sided porringers of the period of 
Charles II, defined in 1728 as " a small deep dish for liquid things," and the large 
two-handled cups made with and without covers during the reign of Queen Anne. 

The hall-marks — an Old English K and a script TB conjoined, in shield- 
shaped punches, and the crowned harp — are on the cover and the bottom of the 
cup. Also on the bottom of the cup its weight was engraved by the maker — 95 
oz., which, after more than two hundred years, is now 93 oz. 10 dwt. The cup 
is n;4 inches high and 13 5^ inches wide across the handles. 

A pair of candlesticks, recently purchased by the Museum, were made by 
Thomas Bolton in 173 1, five years before his death. 

Queen Anne Cup by Thomas Bolton, 1710. From the Viscount Ashbrook 
Collection. Exhibited 1931 by the Shreve, Crump and Low Company, Boston. 


Lehunte of Cashel, High Sheriff, 1657, and M.P. in 1661. He 
settled at Coudeny and died before 1683 when his widow as 
" Mary Bolton alias Lehunte," acting for Richard Bolton, 
engaged in a lawsuit. The next year she was again in the 
Courts. (6th report Deputy Keeper of the Public Records.) 
She belonged to a distinguished family in Suffolk, With the 
coming of Catholic rule under James, her estate, yielding a 
yearly income of £117, was " sequestered " and she, a widow, 
with three children, had fled the kingdom. (Dwyer's Killaloe, 


29. i. Richard*, born in 1680. 

30. ii. John, born about 1683, Possibly not his son. 

iii. A Third Child, living in 1689. (Mary, widow 
of Mr. Graves in 1740? Admin, of Rev. Thos. ?) 

11. Stephen^ Bolton {Francis-, Rev. JVilliam^) was born 
perhaps about 1653. He married Jane, who was administratrix 
in 1736 (admin. 23 Sept.). His will was proved in 1735, but 
is probably now destroyed. He had, however, died before 1733 
when her will as a widow was recorded. 

12. Thomas^ Bolton {Francis-, Rev. William^) was born 
about 1660. He was appointed master of the Free School at 
Clonmelin 1708, and prebend of Seskenan, Diocese of Lismore, 
15 Jan. 1 72 1. In 17 1 2 Thomas Bolton, clerk, was a defendant 
with Richard Bolton, Gent., and the Hamertons in a lawsuit 
over land in Clonmel. He is perhaps the clergyman of Knock- 
lofty, Tipperary, who died intestate (admin. 25 July, 1740)- 
Administrators: Joseph Tinson of Cooleany, County Tip- 
perary, Gent.; Mary Graves of Clonmel, said County, widow; 
and Elizabeth Moland, Dublin, spinster, nephews and nieces. 

Note : He may have belonged to the next generation. 

15. Cornelius^ Bolton {William-, Rev. William^) was born 
in County Waterford in 1656, studied at Mr. Andrew Coulter's 


school, Waterford, and entered Dublin University 19 May, 
1674, at the age of 17. In 1678 (license 19 July) he married 
at St. Michan's, Dublin, Penelope Pilkington, only child of 
Stephen Pilkington of Dublin. He was attainted by King 
James's Parliament in 1689. Captain Bolton was in Colonel 
Collingwood's regiment of foot at Ghent when " it pleased 
God to upsett him with sickness." The will was signed 5 Nov. 
1697, at Ghent, and proved 10 Oct. 1699. He left three chil- 
dren. Richard Bolton, who witnessed his will in 1697, would 
have been if a son only fifteen at the most. Penelope Bolton's 
will was proved in 1722, she then living in Dublin. 


31. i. Henry*, baptized at St. Michan's, Dublin, 28 
April, 1 679. Received one shilling in Charles's will of 1 7 1 8. 

ii. Penelope, baptized at St. Michan's, 20 April, 
1680. Buried 30 Aug. 1 68 1. 

iii. Abigail, born 1681. Buried at St. Michan's, 
Dublin, 6 Aug. 168 1. 

32. iv. Stephen, baptized 20 April (July in Irish Record 
Office) , 1 682, at St. Michan's. Rev. W. Ball Wright in 1 887 
said that he married Jane, daughter of Peter Lightbourne 
of Clonmel. Received one shilling in Charles's will of 1 7 1 8. 
Perhaps this Stephen also married at St. Anne's, Dublin, 
23 Sept. 1709, Margaret Luntley of Lazar's Hill, probably 
near Cashel. He was late of Dublin in 17 15, and " grand- 
son of William Bolton, late of Faithleg " when he granted 
for £115 to WiUiam Bolton of Killure, Barony of Gaultier, 
County Waterford (No. 33), his interest in the Estate of 

V. Lettuce, baptized at St. Michan's, 5 Nov. 1683. 
vi. Elizabeth; married John Power of Dublin 

16. Charles^ Bolton {WilUam^, Rev. William^) was born 
about 1658, and served as sheriff of Waterford in 1700. His 


will, dated 22 May, 17 18, and proved in 1722, left his " ex- 
tensive estates " to Captain William Bolton (No. 33), son of 
his cousin Thomas, the Recorder of Waterford. Charles's 
nephew Henry's marriage displeased the family circle, and 
Mrs. Cornelius Bolton, Henry's mother, who died in 1722 a 
widow, may have left the estates to her husband's brother 
Charles, who died the same year. Charles married but left no 
children. His wife may have been a sister of Edward May of 
Mayfield, County Waterford, since Charles calls Edward's 
son, James May, " the right heir of said Charles Bolton." 

18. Daniel^ Bolton {IViUiam-, Rev. William^) was born 
about 1660. He is said to have died in August, 1737. Received 
one shilling in Charles's will. 

19. Michael^ Bolton {WilUam'', Rev. Williaw}) was born 
about 1663. He is possibly the man who married at Dublin, 
2 Nov. 1709, Ann Allnut, widow, and died in 1715. He is re- 
ferred to in a House of Lords appeal, 1714.xx.43, as Michael 
Bolton of Ireland. He owned land in the City of Kilkenny, 
1712. Children referred to in Charles's will, 1722. 

20. Thomas^ Bolton {Thomas^, Rev. William}) was born 
about 1654 at Waterford, studied under Mr. Woods, and 
entered Dublin University in 1667, aged 13. He was appointed 
Recorder of Waterford in place of Sir R. Stephens, 13 Jan. 
1682. Little is known of him. His father settled on him an 
estate called Ballyrobbin, and gave him eventually the dwell- 
ing house. He may have been the Thomas Bolton, Gent., of 
Dublin whose will, proved i July, 17 17, mentions his brother 
William with £300, his daughter Anne with £100, his adopted 
daughter, Tamasin or Mary, £50, and his grandson, Thomas 
Bolton, £30. Dead in 17 18. 


i. Anne, born about 1678. Living 1717. Men- 
tioned in her uncle Benjamin's will. 


33. ii. William*, born about 1680; of Rathlogan, 
County Kilkenny. A Charles of Springfield, Kilkenny, was 
a freeman of Waterford in 1788. 

iii. Richard, " 2d Son," mentioned in his uncle Ben- 
jamin's will, 1699. 

34. iv. Thomas, mentioned in his uncle Benjamin's (No. 
23) will, 1699. In college at that time. 

V. Elizabeth, mentioned by her uncle Benjamin, 
vi. Sarah, mentioned by her uncle Benjamin. 

22. William^ Bolton {Thomas-, Rev. William,^) was born 
about 1660. He is generously mentioned in his father's will, 
with one-third the household goods, and an interest in leases, 
etc., in Waterford where he lived. Judging from the date of 
birth (aged 17 in 1 699-1 700), Hugh, Dean of Waterford, 
must have been the son of this William, and not of Captain 
William (No. 4), as given in Burke. Perhaps this William's 
will was in 1725, and Lucy's 1729 that of his wife. 

Probable children: 

34a. (?) i. Hugh, born about 1682. William's oldest 
son was mentioned in Benjamin's will, but not by name. 
34b. (?) ii. William. Will of a William of Waterford 
with property in city and county signed 6 Nov. 1763, men- 
tions Shapland Carew trustee for daughter Jane St. Clare, 
with son William Bolton St. Clare, his son William, and a 
grandson who received two swords, a case of pistols and a 
silver watch. (Wright papers.) 

(?) iii. Daughter; married a Shawe of Ballyneale. 

( ?) iv. Daughter; married a Carleton. See No. 23. 

23. Benjamin^ Bolton ( Thomas-, Rev. William^) was born 
about 1662. He was a ship-builder in Waterford, a sheriff in 
1690, and alderman. His will was proved in 1699. He was an 
executor of his father's will and received by it the Corner house, 
tanyard and garden, with the lease of Island-Tarsney in the 


parish of Islandikane. His own will, in which he is called 
Alderman of Waterford, asks that he be buried in St. John's 
Church where his father lies. He leaves to his wife (perhaps 
a Hamilton) £100 per annum; to his three young children, 
Benjamin, Elizabeth, and Anne, £500 each; to his son Benja- 
min his tan house, the fish house, and the ground which he pur- 
chased from Alderman Thomas Smyth, also his malt house and 
the garden behind it. He remembers Thomas, son of his 
brother Thomas Bolton, Richard, second son of Thomas, and 
Elizabeth, Sarah and Anne, Thomas's daughters. To his 
cousin (nephew?), Thomas Bolton, now in college, £5 per 
annum. He mentions also his " 3 cos: Shaws at Ballyneale " 
who are to be paid " out of my br. Hamilton's Estate £600; " 
also his " Coz. Phill: Carleton," and " My Sister Bolton." 


i. Elizabeth. 
ii. Anne. 
34c. iii. Benjamin, born 1698, at Waterford, where he 
studied with Rev. John Fell and entered Dublin University 
9 July, 1 7 13, aged 15, as son of Benjamin, Generosus. 

26. Dr. Thomas* Bolton {Rev. John^, Rev. Henry-, Rev. 
fVilliam^) was born at Dublin in 1692. He entered Dublin 
University in 1707 at the age of 16, as son of John, Clericus. 
He is probably the person who entered Leyden University 
31 Jan. 17 15, and became an M.B. and an M.D. Dr. Bolton 
settled at Lagore, County Meath. He and his brother Joseph 
were respondents in 1731 in a House of Lords appeal (xxiii. 
6^6). He died without issue, leaving a will signed 24 Feb. 
1762. The lands of Laughbracken, County Meath, he left in 
trust for his nephew, Thomas Norman; the lands near Dun- 
boyne and in Clonee, County Meath, to his nephew, Joshua 
Warren of Galtrim of the same county; £50 to his sister, 
Elizabeth Rogers ; £100 to his niece Elinor (Warren) Powell's 
son, William Powell ; £100 to Catherine, daughter of Frederick 


Norman, and except for minor bequests all his remaining 
property to his nephew, Rev. Thomas Norman. The Doctor's 
sisters, Frances Warren and Elizabeth Rogers, fought the will 
in the courts. 

27. Rev. Richard* Bolton {Rev. John^, Rev. Henry^, Rev. 
JVilliaw}) was born about 1695. His lands were at Little 
Lagore, County Meath. He may be the Richard who married 
Mary Pepper of Ballygarth, County Meath, in 175 1. His will 
was proved in 1761, but unfortunately was not copied. 

28. Joseph* Bolton {Rev. John^, Rev. Henry"^, Rev. Wil- 
liam^) was born about 1698. He received from his father a 
house in Ship Key, Londonderry, and in 1728 he was living at 
Lagore, County Meath. His will was proved in 1737. Dean 
Bolton refers to Joseph's children but not by name. 


35. i. WILLIAM^ born 1725 in County Derry. He entered 
Dublin University in 1741, aged 16, as son of Joseph Bol- 
ton, armiger. The Dean's land in Aughton, Lancashire, 
went to Dr. Thomas Bolton in 1724. About the year 1800 
Richard Bolton of Harrock Hall, Aughton, is recorded in 
the Landed Gentry ; he was patron of the living there. 

29. Richard* Bolton {Francis^, Francis^, Rev. William^) 
was born in 1680 at Cashel and entered Dublin University in 
1697, aged 17, having been educated at Kilkenny. 

30. John* Bolton {Francis^, Francis^, Rev. William}) was 
born about 1683. A merchant. His parentage is by no means 
certain, but his son Richard was born at Cashel in 17 16 and 
entered Dublin University in 1735 at the age of 19. 

2^. i. Richard^ born in 17 16. Graduated Dublin Uni- 
versity, 1739. 

31. Henry* Bolton {Cornelius^, Williamr, Rev. William^) 
was born in 1679. He married in 17 13, Elizabeth, daughter of 


Benjamin Alcock, and sister of Nathaniel Alcock of the city of 
Kilkenny, an alliance which greatly displeased his family. He 
was killed in 1723, it is supposed, by a fall from his horse over 
the cliffs at Parkswood, but the estate of " Henry of Fattleg, 
County Waterford, Gent." intestate, was entered 4 Nov. 1726. 
His sudden disappearance caused a long and bitter lawsuit. 
She married, second, Edward Lee, Recorder of Waterford. 

37. i. Cornelius^ born in 1714. 

23. William* Bolton {Thomas^, Thomas^, Rev. William^) 
was born about 1680. On or before 17 15 this William Bolton 
of Killeullen or Killure, Barony of Gaultier, County Water- 
ford, purchased from Stephen Bolton, Gent, of Dublin, the 
estate of Faithlegg, or his right in it, which had been granted 
by King Charles II to Stephen's grandfather. This William 
paid £115 for the estate. (Memorandum dated 171 5 and 
registered 17 19 in the Registry of Deeds Office.) This Cap- 
tain William Bolton was in Colonel Edward May's troop of 
Dragoons. His wife was Hannah who was buried 24 Dec. 
1758. He died 12 March, 1750. His estates then went to 
Rev. Hugh Bolton (No. 34a.) for life. 

38. i. JoHN% born about 1705, of Faithlegg and Mount 
Bolton. Died 23 April, 1793. Married Anne Snow. She 
died 1801. 

ii. Mary, born about 1707. Married Robert Lym- 
bery of Killcopp House, County Waterford, and of Bally- 
nihill, County Waterford, 1727. 

iii. Eleanor, born about 17 10. Died unmarried 

34. Thomas* Bolton {Thomas^, Thomas^, Rev. William^) 
was born at Waterford in 1682. He entered Dublin Univer- 
sity in 1698 at the age of 16 as the son of Thomas Bolton, 
Jurisconsultus, and graduated in 1702. While in college his 


uncle Benjamin left him £5 per annum. Possibly had a son 
Thomas mentioned in 17 17 by Thomas of Dublin (No. 20?). 

34a. Hugh* Bolton {William^, Thomas-, Rev. fViUiain^)^ 
" son of William," was born in Waterford about 1682. He 
prepared for college at Mr. Thomas Walls' school in Dublin, 
and entered Dublin University in 1 699/1 700 at the age of 17, 
receiving his degree of B.A. in 1704. In 17 14 he was settled at 
Carrick, Tipperary. He became Dean of Waterford 17 Jan. 
1722/3, and also held the rectory of Knockgraffon, Diocese of 
Cashel. He owned lands at Ballycanvan, six miles below 
Waterford on the River Suir, owned later by his brother 
Cornelius's descendants. He had a life use of the Faithlegg 
estates inherited from his cousin, Captain William (No. 2>2) > 
grandson of Captain Thomas Bolton, mayor of Waterford. 
The Dean died 23 Dec. 1758, and was buried in the Cathedral. 
His estates went to John (No. 38). 

37. Cornelius^ Bolton {Henry*, Cornelius^, WilUam-, Rev. 
fVilUam^) was born in 17 14, and married in 1738 Elizabeth, 
daughter of Francis Barker of Grantstown, near Waterford. 
He was sheriff of Waterford in 1738, and mayor in 1743 and 
1 76 1. (See The Heraldic Register, 1849-50, by J. B. Burke, 
London, 1850, page 89.) He died in Sept. 1779, and was buried 
with his wife in Faithlegg church. In 1747 he acquired lands 
on the River Suir for 99 years, and later much more at Bally- 
canvan, six miles below Waterford. His estate of 1200 acres 
extended all the way from Ballycanvan to Faithlegg Hill, which 
is S.E. of Waterford in the bend where the Nore and Barrow 
join the Suir. In 1751 he introduced turnip culture for sheep; 
and at the village of Cheek-point he tried unsuccessfully a cot- 
ton mill. At Faithlegg the famous Arthur Young visited him 
in 1776, and in his Tour in Ireland (vol. i, page 406) Young 
gives a delightful account of the place and its economic sig- 
nificance. He speaks of Mr. Bolton's humane treatment of his 
tenantry. Mrs. Elizabeth Bolton was born in 1723 and died 


in or about May, 1777. Wright says he left five sons and two 


39. i. Cornelius", born 1752. 

40.(?) ii. Henry, born 1757. Of Ballycanvan. Died in 
Oct. 1805, aged 47 years and 11 months. Entered Dubhn 
University 3 Nov. 1772, from Mr. Jessop's School at 
Lismore. B.A. 1777. He was Lieutenant Colonel of the 
Waterford militia. Left a daughter Elizabeth, who died 


iii. Daughter, married 1780, Richard Irwin of 
Drumsilla, County Leitrim. 

iv. Daughter, married Sept. 1775, John Stone 
at Faithlegg. 

38. JoHN^ Bolton {PVilliam*, Thomas^, Thomas-, Rev. Wil- 
liam^) was born about 1705. He lived first at Faithlegg Castle, 
and then at Mount Bolton. He married, 5 Dec. 1745, Anne 
Snow of Snowhaven, County Kilkenny, and died 25 April, 1 792. 
The family is continued in Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland 


i. Elizabeth^ born about 1747. Died intestate 

(admin. 3 Jan. 1772) , her father John being administrator. 

ii. Hannah, born about 1750. Married, 21 May, 

1772, Maunsell Bowers of Mt. Prospect, County Kilkenny, 

and had issue. 

41. iii. Sir Robert", born about 1755. Lieutenant Gen- 
eral. Died 15 March, 1836. Of Swerford Park, Oxford- 
shire. Aide de Camp to King George III and Equerry to 
George IV. 

42. iv. Charles, baptized 18 April, 1759, at Waterford. 

39. Cornelius" Bolton {Cornelius^, Henry*, Cornelius^, 
William-, Rev. William^) was born in County Waterford in 


1752 (Wright says 1746) and died in May, 1830/ He pre- 
pared for college at Rev. William Jessop's School in Lismore, 
and entered Dublin University 10 Oct. 1769, aged 17; he re- 
ceived his degree of B.A. in 1773. He married, 23 May, 1789, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Charles McDonnell of Ennis, diocese of 
Killaloe, spinster (license 12 May). McDonnell was also called 
of Newhall and Kilkee Castle, County Clare. She died in 18 19. 
He lived at Faithlegg House, was sheriff in 18 15, and twice 
Lord Mayor of Waterf ord ( 1 8 1 o and 1 8 1 6 ) , M.P. for Water- 
ford in 1776 and for Lanesborough in 1783. 


43. i. Cornelius Henry", born in 1790. He with his 
brothers Henry and Edward became freemen of Water- 
ford 6 Feb. 1802. A captain in the Waterford mihtia. 
Sheriff i8i6. He married, in 18 16, Alicia, daughter of the 
Rev. W. Saltoun or Sutton of Longrangin, County Wex- 
ford, and had: 

1. Casar George, born 1820. Captain in H. E. I. C.'s 
Madras army. Died without issue on board the 
Haddington steamer in the Red Sea, 31 July, 1850. 

2. Gerard Noel. Officer in H. E. I. C.'s Bombay army; 
major in Waterford artillery. Married, Sept. 1853, 
Elizabeth, daughter of William Potts, of the Daison, 
Torquay. Died without issue. 

3. Annette, married, 1845, Charles Noel Welman of 
Norton Manor, County Somerset. Issue. 

4. Katherine Mary, married, 1847, Rev. Thomas 
Arthur Babington. Issue. 

5. Eleanora Julia, married, Feb. 1851, Farnham Max- 
well Lyte of Berryhead. 

44. ii. Charles, born 1791. Lieutenant 5th Regiment. 
Killed battle of Vittoria, June, 18 13. 

* See The Heraldic Register, 1849-50, by J. B. Burke. London, 1850, p. 89. 

Captain Edward Bolton, 69th Regiment. 

Silhouette cut at Kinsale, 27 December, 1834, 

by Auguste Edouart. 


45. iii, Henry, born In 1796. Married, 1830, Annie, 
daughter of William Kearney. Captain R. N. Sheriff of 
Waterford, 1850. Died 30 May, 1852, aged 56. Left a 
son William Edward, Captain i8th Hussars, who died at 
Madeira, leaving no family. 

46. iv. Edward, born . Captain 69th Regiment. 

Died 1 841. Married Mary, daughter of J. Daley, of 
Knockrobbin, County Cork, and left two daughters. Sil- 
houette at Pound Hill Place, Shirley, Mass., cut by Auguste 
Edouart at Kinsale, 27 Dec. 1834. 

V. Katherine Elizabeth, married, 18 15, P. G. 
Barron of Carrick Barron, County Waterford. J. P. and 
D.L. Issue. 

vi. Elizabeth Mary, married, 1832, Samuel Cross- 
thwaite of Bagenalstown, County Carlow. Issue. 

42. Charles^ Bolton (John^, PTilliam*, Thomas'", Thomas-, 
Rev. William^) was baptized 18 April, 1759, at Waterford. 
He prepared for college at Mr. Carey's School and entered 
Dublin University i July, 1776, aged 17, as son of John, Gen- 
erosus. He lived at Curraghduff, County Waterford, and mar- 
ried ( I ) Jane, daughter of Rev. John Doyle, Archdeacon of 
Kllmacduagh. He married, after 1783, (2) Ellen, daughter of 
Harry Wallis of Drishane Castle, County Cork. He lived at 
Springfield, County Kilkenny, when he died intestate (admin. 
19 Nov. 1788). His widow was the administratrix. 


47. I. JoHN^ born 1783. 

48. 11. Henry, born 8 April, 1787. 

Hi. Elizabeth, married, 1823, Sir Simon Newport 
of Waterford. She died without issue i Dec. 1844. 

47. John'' Bolton {Charles'^, John^, William*, Thomas^, 
Thomas^, Rev. William^) was born in 1783. He married Eliza 
Bowers, and died 17 Jan. 1807, aged 24. 



49. i. John*, born 1807. Of Mount Bolton, and major 
of the 7th Dragoon Guards. Died suddenly In London in 

ii. Jane, died unmarried 16 June, 1878. Of Mount 

48. Rev. Henry^ Bolton {Charles^, John^, William'^, 
Thomas^, Thomas', Rev. William'^) was born 8 April, 1787, 
and married, 19 Dec. 18 14, Frances, second daughter of Sir 
Simon Newport. He died 8 Nov. 1854. She died 14 Dec. 1880. 
He was vicar of Dysart, Enos, and Kilteale, Queen's County. 


50. i. Charles* Newport, born 15 March, 18 16. 

51. ii. Robert Wallis, born 2 May, 18 19; died 25 
Feb. 1820. 

iii. Jane Wallis, married, 13 Oct. 1853, Robert 
Carew Anderson, M.D., Surgeon-Major, Deputy Inspector 
General, late of the 13th Hussars. Issue. 

50. Charles^ Newport Bolton {Rev. Henry'', Charles^, 
John^, William^, Thomas^, Thomas', Rev. William^) was born 
15 March, 18 16. He lived at Mount Bolton, B.A., St. Edmund 
Hall, Oxford, and married, 4 Feb. 1845, Anne, eldest daugh- 
ter of Rev. Joshua Anderson, M.A., rector of Myshall, County 
Carlow. He died 25 April, 1884. She died i Sept. 1884. 


52. i. Henry" Anderson, born 7 March, 1848; died 
29 Sept. 1880. 

53. ii. Charles Perceval, born 18 Sept. 1849. Suc- 
ceeded his father at Mount Bolton in 1884. High Sheriff 
1893. J.P. 

iii. Anne Frances Ellen. Living 1930. Helpful 
in the preparation of these notes. 



MAJOR FRANCIS BOLTON was in command of a 
Cromwellian troop of horse in Londonderry between 
1652 and 1657. While there he was occasionally a 
witness at the wedding of a member of his company. A trooper 
under his command at the time was Thomas Bolton, whose 
burial in 1684 is on the Cathedral records, where he is accorded 
the title " Mr.," a distinction granted only to mayors, burgesses, 
professional men, and others of their rank. Thomas may well 
have been a kinsman of the Major's and for that reason set 
down as " Mr. Thomas Bolton, trooper." He was, apparently, 
an Episcopalian; and the Boltons of the Bann valley, here as- 
sumed to be his descendants, were usually of that faith; their 
names do not appear in the synod or presbytery records for 
that section of Ulster. 

Dr. Sloan Bolton of Portrush, North Ireland, son of Dr. 
Samuel J. Bolton of Aghadowey, says that his aunt repeated a 
family tradition that one of several brothers — a Cromwellian 
officer — settled in the south of Ireland, and that another (his 
ancestor) settled at Lismoyle, County Derry, having had a 
choice of either half of the lands between Coleraine and Kilrea. 
This seems to connect the Ulster Boltons with those of County 
Waterford where Major Francis Bolton and his brothers. 
Captain William and Captain Thomas, were officers in Crom- 
well's army. 

Sam Henry, Esq., of Coleraine, writes: 

" The original homestead of the Boltons is now a ruin. It 
was a stone house roofed with thatch. The wallsteads are still 
standing. The site was determined by the available building 
stone from ' The Tod Rock ' close by. The homestead was 
close to the ancient fort which was triple ringed and had a moat 
between the inner and second rings. 

" Lismoyle means, lis: an earthen fort, moyle: bald, a bald 



fort. The views from it are very fine, commanding the Carn- 
togher Mountains towards the west and the great ridge of 
Antrim in the east over the Bann valley. The land is fair but 
inclines to be heavy. The entire townland of Lismoyle (925 
acres) and also Ballynian (537 acres) all belonged to the 
Boltons. They are in the parish of Tamlaght O'Crilly (' the 
plague graveyard of the O'Crillys '). The Bolton settlers in 
the townland of Dullaghy (' the little hills '), parish of Desert- 
oghill. County Londonderry, have disappeared." 

The records relating to Ulster are very meagre and un- 
satisfactory. Patent Rolls of James I, and "Adjudications in 
Favour of the 1649 officers," have been searched. A muster 
roll of Ulster for 1630 still exists. Subsidy rolls for 1664-68 
were searched, and Hearth Money or Chimney Tax Rolls for 
1663-69. In 1740 and 1766 records of Protestant householders 
were made; that for 1740 is an invaluable compilation, but not 
helpful in determining relationships. There is a poll book for 
1806 and a census for 1821, with much genealogical detail; also 
Freehold Registers for the early years of the same century. 
The files of marriage licenses, deeds, and wills kept in Dublin 
have been destroyed, but not before Mrs. A. S. Wilkinson and 
Miss Gertrude O'Farrell had copied Bolton marriages for 
1 630-1 857, and also several deeds and wills of which the sub- 
stance has been incorporated in these pages. Church records 
are fragmentary and have not been helpful. 

From such materials the following pedigree has been 
evolved. Much of it is frankly guess-work, based on a scrutiny 
of probabilities. The difficulties in each case are stated. Al- 
though the Ulster Boltons began with a grant of land they were 
not included in Burke's Landed Gentry. This explains why 
there is no sure outhne to build around. 

I am indebted to Sam Henry, Esq., F.R.S.A.I., of Coleraine, 
for much information, and for pictures obtained by him during 
calls upon members of the family in the Bann valley. Some of 
these kinsmen I met in Coleraine and Portrush. 







1 — 1 





























Cl, t. 




'* Mr. Thomas' Bolton, trooper," whether or not related 
to Major Francis Bolton of the County Waterford family, in 
whose troop of horse he served at Londonderry, was perhaps 
the father of three men in County Derry and County Antrim 
who appear a generation later in the records: 

2. i. Thomas-, born about 1645. 

3. ii. James-, born about 1650. 

iii. William^, born about 1652. He was a sergeant in 
the British army, stationed at Londonderry, when he was 
recorded at Templemore Cathedral as buried i Nov. 1684. 

2. Thomas- Bolton (Thomas^), born probably about 1645, 
is mentioned in the Hearth Money Roll for County Antrim in 
1 666 as of Toome, and in 1 669 as of Slievenagh. Upper Toome 
adjoins Lough Beg on the east. Lower Toome, containing the 
village of Slievenagh in the Parish of Portglenone, is just north, 
on the right bank of the River Bann. The Boltons have con- 
tinued to live here and across the river at Lismoyle in Tamlaght 
O'Crilly parish to this day. At Lismoyle or a few miles further 
north at Dullaghy in Desertoghill Parish (Barony of Cole- 
raine) this Thomas probably acquired lands and settled. The 
tradition that lands were granted here to " Captain Robert 
Bolton " cannot as yet be proved true, but there are no Boltons 
recorded in or near Londonderry, nor in the Bann valley on 
the " Muster Roll of Ulster in 1630" — in the British Mu- 
seum, additional MSS. 4770. Five brothers here and a sister 
are supposed to be Thomas's children (by a wife probably 
Scotch, judging from these names) : 

4. i. JOHN^ born about 1675. He probably lived in the 
Bann valley, the man whose widow in 1740 was a house- 
holder in Tamlaght O'Crilly parish (Lismoyle?) men- 
tioned in a contemporary list as number 1135. 

ii. Samuel^ born about 1678. His wife was Ann. 
His will, which was at the Four Courts, Dublin, until 
destroyed, and shows him to have been a thrifty, prosper- 


ous farmer, was signed 14 June, 17 18, and entered for 
probate 9 Sept. 17 19. This year and more which elapsed 
between the date of his will and his death would indicate 
that he had a long siege of illness. This will — almost the 
only early document of a personal nature connected with 
the Ulster family yet found — was copied only a few months 
before the Dublin Four Courts or Record Offices were 
blown up by the besieged republican rebels in June, 1922. 
This is Samuel Bolton's will: 

" The last will & test, of Samuel Boulton who is in full 
sences & mem. this 14 day of June 171 8. 

" I leave to my wife Ann boulton all my house & plough- 
ing & all my horses & Cows & sheeps & y^ land with the 
Cropp^ & I leave to my brother John foure pounds & to 
my brother Hugh foure pounds & to my brother William 
foure pounds & to my brother Thomas foure pounds to 
John I leave my boots to Hugh the bigge Chaien to William 
my best britches to Thomas my best Coate & vest & to my 
sister Agness I leave four pounds & my Coat & vest. & I 
do alow my wife to give my sister a pair of blankets & I 
leave to my brothers son John Boulton my horse furneter 
& my best bige Coate & to Daniell Stuarts four children I 
leave ten shillings to each of them & I doe allow my wife 
to give Margaret Stenston a hefer of two years old & I do 
allow what ever Charges shall be spent on Doctors & ad- 
ministering to be taken Equally from Every man's share 
Now these things I Charge you to dow orderly & decently 
hereinto I set my hand & seall " 
" Will signed 14 June 171 8 

John Hullton or Hilton 

William Caskey 
Samuel Bolton's last will 
entred September y^ 9*'' 1719-" 
It is of interest to note that Mrs. Ann Bolton's brother-in- 



law, Thomas Bolton, had four children, and each of these 
named a daughter Ann. Possibly she showed a marked affec- 
tion for her nephew and nieces. She may have come to New 
England to live, unless she was the widow Bolton living in 
Tamlaght O'Crilly parish in 1740. (Prot. householders, no. 

5. iii. William^ born about 1682. He settled in Wind- 
ham, New Hampshire. By his wife Elizabeth he had: 
James, David, John, Alexander, Agnes and Grizel. He 
died in 1755. Samuel left him four pounds and his best 

6. iv. HuGH% born about 1687. He was a physician at 
Colrain, Massachusetts. He had Hugh, Matthew, and 
John. His brother, Samuel, left him four pounds and " the 
bigge Chaien." 

7. V. Thomas^ born about 1695. He settled in Fal- 
mouth, Maine, and died in 1765. His children were Wil- 
liam (born 1731), Mary, Martha, and Agnes. Samuel 
left him four pounds and his best coat and vest. 

vi. Agnes% possibly the wife of Daniel Stuart. She 
received from Samuel four pounds and a coat and vest, 
so she would seem to have had a husband. Stuart had four 

3. James^ Bolton {Thomas^) was born possibly about 1650, 
and was living at Londonderry in 1682. He was dead before 
24 Aug. 1685, if Margaret Bolton, who was licensed to marry 
Robert Coventrie of Londonderry, sailor, on that date, was 
his widow. 

James and Margaret had: 

8. i. THOMAS^ born about 1678, was at Sudbury, Mas- 
sachusetts, in 1723, and was dead in 1735 if Agnes Bolton, 
who married there Hugh Riddle in that year, was his widow. 
His parentage is merely a surmise, and the same may be 
said of William, who follows. 

* MS. Copy in New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston. 


9. ii. William^, born about 1680. This William is as- 
sumed to be the son of James Bolton. He was a Scotch 
Irish immigrant, so called, in Andover and Reading, Mas- 
sachusetts, in 1 71 8. No proof is known of his parentage, 
but ( I ) he was by family tradition " Scotch "; (2) he ar- 
rived at the same time that Scotch Irish settlers from Lon- 
donderry and Coleraine came to Boston, and is found with 
them at Andover; (3) he was followed to New England 
ten years later by two persons supposed to be members of 
the family; (4) and no other Bolton family at this time is 
known to have been in this part of Ulster. 

iii. JoHN^, born about 1682, and buried 7 September 
at Templemore Cathedral, as son of James and Margaret. 

iv. Jeanne% born about 1683, baptized at the Cathe- 
dral 13 June, 1683, as daughter of James and Margaret. 
There was a Bolton Boyle of Artrea in 1740. 

10. V. JOHN^, born about 1685, might conceivably be a 

4. JoHN^ Bolton {Thomas-, Thovias^) was born about 1675, 
supposedly son of Thomas (No. 2), and born at Lismoyle or 
Dullaghy, County Derry. He is mentioned in his brother 
Samuel's will in 17 19, and is probably the brother whose son, 
John Bolton, was to receive his " horse furneter " and his 
" bige coate." His daughter refers in a legal document to her 
Dunlap cousin in the Parish of Connor, so his wife's name may 
have been Dunlap. Their children appear to have been: 

i. JoHN^ born about 1700, the nephew of Samuel; 
he was old enough or large enough in 17 18 to inherit 
a " bige coate." He is supposed to have been John Bolton 
of Drummaul who died in i749- This John's sister, 
Ehzabeth, and her husband, Andrew Graham, of the Parish 
of Maghera, County Derry, renounced, 1 1 Nov. 1749' their 
right to administer John's estate to their cousin, Hugh 
Dunlap of the Parish of Connor, County Antrim. James 

Map of the Bann Valley 


Dunlap and John Leith of the same place, 13 Nov. 1749, 
signed an administration bond for £20. Drummaul is north 
of Lough Neagh and Maghera is southwest of Lismoyle. 
ii. Elizabeth*, born about 1702. She married 
Andrew Graham of Maghera, a cross-roads village a little 
southwest of Lismoyle and mid-way on the road from Gar- 
vagh. County Derry, to Cookstown. When her brother 
John died in 1749, she and her husband asked to have their 
cousin, Hugh Dunlap, of the Parish of Connor, appointed 
administrator, Connor Is across the river from Lismoyle, 
a little to the east. Mr. J. W. Kernohan says that " Watty 
Graham was a noted character in the 1798 Rebellion." He 
was no doubt a kinsman or descendant of Andrew. 

11. Hi. Robert*, born about 1704. 

(?)iv. Richard*, born about 1708. He was of Lough- 
geel in the parish of Connor In 1766, a papist. Perhaps 
not of this family, although other Boltons were associated 
with the parish. 

12. V. Samuel*, born about 1 7 10. 

13. vl. William*, born about 171 2. 

5. William'^ Bolton {Thomas', Thomas'^) was born In 1682, 
perhaps In Tamlaght O'Crllly parish, County Derry, the 
son probably of Thomas Bolton (No. 2). He was at Wind- 
ham, N. H., 1729^; and in 1739 he explains his troubles to the 
General Court {Mass. Archives, vol. 105, page 160) : 

" To his Excellency Jonathan Belcher, Esq'". June 2 1^* 1 739. 

" The Petition of William Bolton of Methuen In the County 
of Essex in the Province aforesaid 

" Humbly sheweth That your Petitioner (Living in the 
Northerly Part of the said Township of Methuen) hath for 
several years Past been Rated or Taxed both In the Town of 
Methuen aforesd and In the Town of Londonderry in the 

' In the Colonial Court Records at Concord, New Hampshire, there is a writ of 
attachment against William Rogers of Exeter, 19 Aug. 1727, in favor of William 
Bolton of Boston, to recover on a note for £8 dated 10 June, 1727. Was this Wil- 
liam Bollan? 


Province of New-Hampshire and although your Petitioner 

hath paid Rates to many of the Constables of the Town of 

Methuen & one of the Constables of Methuen for the year last 

past now Demand the Taxes of your Petitioner yet not with 

standing Mr. William Humphrey one of the Constables of 

the said Town of Londonderry on the Twentieth day of June 

currant did Distrein some of the goods of your Petitioner at 

his Dwelling House in Methuen aforesd to pay and satisfie a 

certain Rate or assessment assessed upon your Petitioner by 

the selectmen of Londonderry aforesaid. Your Petitioner 

therefore Humbly supplicates the serious consideration and 

compassion of your Excellency and your Honours and pray 

that some method may be Directed or taken that may Ease 

your Petitioner from the Great Hardship of paying Rates in 

two Towns for the same Polls & Estate and at the same time — 

"And your Petitioner (as in Duty Bound) shall ever 

pray &c .„ , ,. „ 

^ ■' willem bolton 

William's home was in the southern part of Londonderry 
(later known as Windham). He and his son John signed a 
petition 9 Feb. 1739/40; he and his sons, John, James and 
David, signed a petition in 1740; William and David appeared 
again in 1750, and William and John in 1753. 

Mr. Bolton lived on Copp's Hill, and was the first person 
to whom a stone was erected in the cemetery nearby. He died 
22 April, 1755, in his 73d year. His long will was dated 
21 April, 1755 ; it mentions his " Dearly Beloved wife Eliza- 
beth Bolton " and his children, and was witnessed by Samuel 
Kinkeld, Adam Templeton, and Samuel Morison. 

Children of William and Elizabeth : 

i. JoHN^, born about 171 8. Of Windham and 
Gloucester. Had the " Bolton Grant " on the Westfield 
River. Had : Susanna, Mary, John, James with wife 
Martha, Jonathan with wife Thankful, Louisa, wife of 
John Jackson. 


ii. James*, born about 1720. Of Blandford and 
Aurellus. Had: John, James, Barnard of Brutus, Jona- 
than ( ?), Alexander ( ?) of Aurora, and two daughters. 

iii. David*, born In 1722. Of Blandford and Scipio. 
Had: Matthew, George, Thomas, David (last three of 
Scipio), Abram, Samuel of Scipio, Alexander of Cayuga 
County, N. Y, Parentage of David and Abram certain. 
David was the ancestor of Hon. Chester Castle Bolton, 
member of Congress (1929-1937) from Cleveland, Ohlo.^ 

* David Bolton (1722-1810) appears in the inscriptions cut long ago on the old 
monument at Scipio, together with Thomas (1770-1823) of Scipio. This Thomas 
(1770-1823) cared for David in his old age; he married Hannah Henry of Dela- 
ware County, N. Y. (1774-1813), and had Thomas (1809-1871), a graduate of 
Harvard College in 1833 and a Judge in Cleveland, Ohio. The records in central 
New York State for this period are very meagre. 

Judge Thomas Bolton (1809-1871) married (i) Elizabeth Cone and had: 
i. Festus Cone (1838-1839). 

ii. Thomas Kelley (1840-1879), Harvard, 1861. He married (i) Theodosia 
Cornelia Ranney (1842-1873) and had: 

1. Percival Ranney (1865-1931), Ph.B. Yale, 1886. M.D. Western 
Reserve and Columbia, 1890. Interne at N. Y. Hospital, 1890-91. 
Surgeon in N. Y. City, 1891-191 1; instructor in surgery at 
Cornell Univ. Medical School, 1898-1900, and professor clinical 
surgery until 1912. Member Academy of Medicine and N. Y. 
Surgical Society. Unmarried. 

2. Hoiuard Cone (1867-1926), Ph.B. Yale, 1886, a lawyer in New 
York. He married, 21 Oct. 1911, at Atlantic City, Mary Allen 

T. K. Bolton married (2) Ellen Hale and had: 

3. Edith Ellene (1879- ) who married Mandeville Mullally of 
New York, Yale, 1898. 

Children : 

a. Eleanor Hale (1915- ). 

b. Mandeville, Jr. (1916- ). Yale, 1939. 

iii. Elizabeth Cone (1841-1914). She married Friedrich Ludwig Rudolf 
Bock, 1872, of Germany, and had: 

1. Friedrich Karl (1873- ) of Braunschweig. 

2. Elfried (1875-1934). 

iv. Festus Cone (1844-1883). He married in 1865 Isabella Olive Coudy 
(1847-1915) and had: 

1. Mary Cone (1867- ). She married in 1886 William L. S. 
Olmsted. Living in Geneseo. Member N. Y. State Republican 
Committee, Past President Livingston Co. Woman's Federated 


a. Mary Cone (1887- ). Married Harry K. Annin. 

b. William Lucius (1899- ). Harvard, 1922. Married 
Helen Fromer. One son. 

2. Edward Rice {i^TJ- ). Williams College, 1899. Married 
in 1902 Margaret Cameron (1880- ). Vice-President Wil- 
liam Cameron and Co., Waco, Texas. 


iv, Grizel*, born about 1724; married at King's 
Chapel, Boston, Massachusetts, 22 March, 1749, James 
Twadell or Twadle, and left issue. 

Child : 

a. Edward Cameron (1906- ). Williams College, 1927. 
Harvard Business School, 1930. Married, 1930, Mary 
Lyle Staton. One daughter. 

V. James Henry (1846-1927). Western Universit>-, 1866; Harvard Law 
School, 1869. He married in 1870 Sarah Thorington (1845-1872) ; 
and in 1882 Minnie Cornish (1859- ). Lawyer in Sioux Cit}-, Iowa. 

Children : 

1. Thomas Cornish (1892- ). Living in Sioux City. Married 
in 1917 Helen Davidson (1897- ). 

Children : 

a. Thomas Cornish, Jr. (1922- ). 

b. Barbara Ann (1925- ). 

2. James Cornish (born and adopted 1903). Married in 1924 
Louise Wykoff (1906- ). Nephew of Minnie Cornish. 

Child : 

a. James Cornish, Jr. (1926- ). 

Judge Bolton married (2) Emeline Russell and had: 

vi. George Russell (1851-1859). 

vii. Ch.arles Chester (1855-1930). Harvard, 1877. Lived in Cleveland, 
Ohio, a man of wide business interests, a sportsman, a philanthropist, 
and an active churchman. He married Julia A. Castle (1857-1929), 
and had: 

1. Chester Castle (1882- ). Harvard, 1905. He married in 
1907 Frances P. Bingham (1885- ). He was a member of 
the 71st- 74th Congresses (1929-1937) from Cleveland, and 
chairman of the Republican Congressional Committee. 


a. Charles Bingham (1909- ). 

b. Kenyon Castle (1912- ). 

c. Oliver Payne (1917- ). Harvard, 1939. 

d. Elizabeth Castle (1919-1919). 

2. Kenyon Castle (1885-1911). 

3. Irving Castle (1888- ). Harvard, 1912. Treasurer, Warner 
and Swasey Co. Married in 1917 Rachel Wilson (1890- ) 
and had: 

a. Julia Castle (1921- ). 

b. Pauline Wilson (1924- ). 

4. Neiuell Castle (1888- ). Harvard, 1912. Brigadier General, 
54th Cavalry Brigade, Ohio National Guard. He furnished 
data for this note. 

5. Julian Castle (1897- ). Harvard, 1920. President of the 
class in 1919. Associated with the M. A. Hanna Co. of Cleve- 
land. Married in 1929 Fannie Mann Hanna (1907- ) and 

a. Claire Hanna (1930- ). 

b. Betsy (1935- ). 


V. Agnes*, born . She and William Thomson 

were executors of her father's will which says: 

" Item: my Will is and I Do hereby give and Bequeath 
unto my well beloved Doughter Augness Bolton hir and 
hir heirs all my Reall Estate forever Shee paying unto my 
son James Bolton the Sum of two hundred pounds old 
tenor within the tearm of three years after my Deceas. 

" Item: my Will is that my Well Beloved Wife Eliza- 
beth and my Doughter Augness Shall have all my houshold 
furniture Each of them an Equal part of it. 

" Item: my Will is that my Douther Augness Bolton 
Shall have my oxen and plough with all the Utensiells I 
have for farming." 

She witnessed the will of James Bell of Windham, New 
Hampshire, 2 June, 1744, making her mark. (State Papers, 
vol. 23, page 206.) 

( ?)vi. Alexander\ born about 1713 ? Of Londonderry, 
New Hampshire, 1732-39. Dead before 1755? Oldest 
son? Was he father of Robert who witnessed David's deed 
in 1760, and was indebted to David's estate in 1822? 

6. Hugh' Bolton {Thomas-, Thomas^) was born in 1687, 
probably in Lismoyle or Dullaghy, County Derry, the son of 
Thomas Bolton (No. 2). He enjoyed, it is said, a good prac- 
tice as a physician, but was a dissenter and refuseci to pay tithes. 
He assaulted the tax gatherer, and when he saw two constables 
approaching to arrest him he fled hatless and came to America, 
landing at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.^ He is found at 
Wells, Maine, in 1728, where he was a witness for Samuel 
Emery. He purchased land from Hugh Morrison in London- 
derry, New Hampshire, in 1733, and occupied a house there in 
the winter of 1733-34. As late as 1737/38 he was chosen a 
sealer of leather, but was soon at Peterboro, New Hampshire, 
and in 1741 at Colrain, Massachusetts, the first physician there. 
Dr. Bolton died in Colrain 8 June, 1772, aged 85 years. Mrs. 

^ McClellan's Colrain, Massachusetts, page 77. 


Bolton was Elizabeth Patterson, said to have been related to 
Mrs. Jerome Bonaparte; she was drowned 30 Jan. 1755, while 
crossing the Deerfield River on the ice. 

Children of Dr. Hugh and Elizabeth: 

i. Matthew*, born 1 73 1 . Physician at Colrain. Had : 
Samuel, Elias, a physician, William M., Elizabeth, Mat- 
thew, John, Thomas. 

ii. Agnes*, born 1735; married, 5 Nov. 1754, at 
Palmer, Hugh Smith, son of James. Hugh died there 18 
May, 1805, aged 77. Agnes died 27 Sept. 1768, aged 33, 
having had Elizabeth, Joseph, Matthew, Elihu, Agnes, 
Mary, Mary, and John. 

iii. Hugh*, born about 1738. Captain. Had: Joseph, 
Elizabeth and others. 

iv. John*, born 1740. With Rogers Rangers in Indian 
wars. Captain in Revolution; paid his own company. 
Engineer at West Point. Had: Elizabeth, Martha Senior, 
Martha Junior, Thomas, Ann, Hugh, Rachel, Winiam( ?) , 
Nancy, etc. 

V. Joseph*, born ; died 20 Dec. 1757, at Colrain. 

7. Thomas^ Bolton {Thomas-, Thomas^) was born about 
1695, probably at Lismoyle in the Parish of Tamlaght O'Crilly, 
County Derry, where in 1921 eight Bolton families were living. 
His father appears to have been Thomas Bolton (No. 2). 
McLellan's History of Gorham states that he came to Boston 
about 1727^ On the same ship a family named Craige were 
passengers. The husband died on the voyage out, leaving a 
widow Mary, daughter of Hugh McLellan of County Antrim, 
and children John, Hugh (born about 1723), and Jenny. 
Mr. Bolton married the widow^ in Wells, Maine, 27 Aug. 
1727, and in 1731 was living at Falmouth, now Portland, 
Maine. Ten years later they moved a short distance westward 

^ Dole's JVindham in the Past, pp. 324 et seq. 
' McLellan's History of Gorham, page 404. 


to the town of Windham, then known as New Marblehead. 
Here Mr. Bolton died at the age of 90, not long before his 
wife's death in 1788. Often wrote his name Boolton. 

In 1740 he was appointed " to settle the Falmouth school- 
master and have the whole benefit of him." The next year he 
owned at Windham a garrison house on lot no, 52 ; in 1742 he 
had a lot no. 54 with a house. He and Mary were probably 
original members of the First Church in 1743, both holding 
their membership in 1762. In 1746 he served in Capt. George 
Berry's Company, and saw later service. His bill of charges 
for the care of a sick soldier, James Melvin, is preserved in the 
Massachusetts Archives, vol. 89, page 390, and is dated at 
Falmouth 28 March, 1749. 

Thomas and Mary had : 

i. Agnes*, baptized 28 Oct. 1728, at Wells, Maine, 
and died at Buckfield, Maine, 13 June, 1801. She married 
at Falmouth, 20 Dec. 1753, Stephen Lowell of Buckfield 
and Windham. He was born 6 Oct. 1728. They had 
Miriam, Molly, Thomas, Anne, Stephen, and William. 

ii. WILLIAM^ Of Windham, Maine. Commonly sup- 
posed to be the " child " baptized 4 April, 1 73 1 , at the First 
Church, Falmouth. Had: Thomas, William, John, Mary, 

iii. Mary*, born 10 July, 1733, at Falmouth, but ac- 
cording to the First Church records baptized 10 June, 1733. 
She married, 22 Nov. 1760, Robert Millions or Millens of 
Windham, and died in 1820. He died in 18 16, aged 84. 
They had Martha, Thomas, Anna, Robert, and Mary. 

iv. Martha*, born 13 April, 1736, at Falmouth, and 
died at the age of 90. She married, 21 Feb. 1756, Richard 
Mayberry from Ballymoney, County Antrim; he was town 
clerk in 1770 and Captain in the eleventh Regiment in 
1776. They had Bathsheba, Anne, Richard, and Edward. 


8. Thomas^ Bolton {James", Thomas^) was born about 
1678, in Londonderry, or perhaps in the Bann valley, the son 
of James (No. 3). He first appears at Stow, Massachusetts, 
as a sentinel in 1723 and 1725 (Mass. Archives). He seems 
to have died before 9 Oct. 1735, when Mrs. Agnes Bolton, 
presumably his widow, married Hugh Riddle of Londonderry, 
New Hampshire, at Sudbury, Massachusetts. Riddle came 
from " Ballymeath," County Derry.^ No town of this name 
exists, and if Ballymenagh in the Parish of Desertoghill is 
meant, he was a neighbor in Ireland of the Boltons. They 
lived at Bedford, New Hampshire. A girl, Agnes Bolton, of 
Sudbury may have been the daughter of Thomas and Agnes : 

i. Agnes", born about 1725. She married at Sudbury, 
Mass., 23 July, 1744, Nathan Moore, who was born in 
1725. The above all seems very uncertain but it does ac- 
count for the several Agnes Boltons. 

9. Willi ANf Bolton {James-, Thovias^) was born either in 
Londonderry, Ireland, or perhaps at Dullaghy in the Parish 
of Desertoghill, Barony of Coleraine, about the year 1680, 
the son, it is supposed, of James Bolton (No. 3) who is men- 
tioned in the records of Templemore Cathedral, Londonderry. 
He probably reached Boston during the first week of August, 
17 1 8, in the ship TViUiam, Archibald Hunter, master, from 

William Bolton appeared in Andover, Massachusetts, with 
a company of Scotch Irish settlers in the autumn of the year 
1718, and he and Robert Stuart were "warned" to leave 
town 30 Jan. 171 8/19. He seems to have spent the spring in 
Andover and was published to Elizabeth White on May i6th. 
They were married 5 Jan. 1719/20, he being then a resident 
of Reading. Elizabeth White was born at Andover 8 April, 
1688, the daughter of John and Sarah White. She became a 
member of the South Church, Andover, i June, 17 12. He 

^Riddle Genealogy, under Deacon Hugh Riddle. 


rented a house from Nicholas Nichols of Andover, apparently 
paying his rent in advance. Nichols died Feb. 14th, and in March 
the executor offered Mr. Bolton £1.11.0 if he cared to resign 
his lease. He then moved to Reading. 

In the summer of 1720 he, or a man of the same name, 
was at work in Marblehead when he was impressed by Cap- 
tain Richard Trevett for service at the Eastward, and in place 
of a member of his company. He was a poor man, subject to 
lameness, and not in very good health, but he was considered 
fit for duty as the following document shows: 

Sept. y^ 5 : 1720 

Corn" Samuell Brown S'' In Obedience to your warrant 
directed to me I have Imprest and Sent by Serg Joseph Andrews 
and pickett Two Able men Viz : William Bolton and Tho^ 
Perry for his Majesties Service 

Rich*^ Trevett Capt. 

On 17 November, 1722, the Governor was forced to in- 
form the House of Representatives " that the forces Desert in 
numbers and several complaints have been made of great abuses 
practiced by officers in the service and pay of this Government." 

Whether William Bolton, ill and lame, deserted, as did half 
the army at the Eastward, cannot now be ascertained, but he 
returned late in October, 1720, openly to Marblehead, the place 
of his enlistment, instead of going to his wife in the North 
Parish of Reading. This might indicate that he did not have 
reason to fear arrest. He was arrested, however, because he 
had no proof of discharge or furlough, and was thrown into 
gaol. On the i8th of January of the year following the sheriff 
of Essex County stated that William Bolton, whose wife was 
in Middlesex County, was " so very poor & necessitous that 
he has not wherewithal! to pay his court fees & prison charges," 
and that he was " lame & not well." The sheriff asked that 
Bolton be dismissed and it was so ordered by the Court. 

William Bolton joined his wife at once and they lived in 
Andover. About the last of July or early in August, 1721, Mr. 


Bolton moved to Reading. There a son William was born 
25 Oct. 1 72 1, and was baptized by the Rev. Daniel Putnam, 
pastor of the Second or North Parish Church in Reading. 

A son John was born two and a half years later, destined 
to die in the expedition to Cape Breton. Mr. Bolton, himself, 
died 10 Sept. 1725, just five years after his impressment. 

His widow would appear to have returned to Andover with 
her children, for the publishment of her approaching marriage 

" Intention of marriage, at Andover, of Timothy Dorman 
of Boxford and Elizabeth Bolton, widow, December 17,1 738." 

They were married on the anniversary of her former wed- 
ding day, 5 Jan. 1739, a pleasant intimation that the day had 
for her memories that she wished to perpetuate. Mr. Dorman 
died 19 Dec. 1743, and the widow returned to Reading. The 
date of her death is not known. 

Children of William and Elizabeth : 

i. William*, born at Reading, Massachusetts, 25 Oct. 
1 72 1 . His descendants live at Shirley, Massachusetts. They 
are described in " Shirley Uplands and Intervales," by 
Ethel S. Bolton, Boston, 19 14, pp. 324-327; and in the 
New England Historical and Genealogical Register, April, 

1934, pp. 134-135- 

ii. John*, born at Reading, 29 April, 1724. 

10. JoHN^ Bolton {James^, Thomas^) of " Desert," or 
Desert Parish, Barony of Coleraine, in 1740 (Protestant 
householders No. 1760) was born about 1685, the son of 
James Bolton (No. 3). Desertoghill is a little north of Kilrea 
on the west bank of the Bann River, halfway between Lough 
Beg and Coleraine. The widow Bolton at Artrea (northwest 
shore of Lough Neagh and near Lough Beg) in 1740 (Prot- 
estant householders. No. 191 2) may have been his widow. 

His presence at " Desert " seems to indicate that he held 
lands at Dullaghy in Desertoghill which were held by Boltons 




















































a century later as shown by the Poll Book of 1806 and the 
Census of 1821. They were by tradition here in the early 
seventeenth century. 

The following may be his children: 

14. i. Robert*, born about 1710. He is No. 1910 in 
the list of Protestant householders in 1740, living in Artrea 
parish, Barony of Loughinsholin. 

ii. Thomas*, born about 17 12. In 1740 he or one 
of his name was a householder in Artrea parish (No. 1904), 
his name preceding on the list those of Robert, James, and 
the widow Bolton. 

iii. James*, born about 1715. In 1740 living at 
Artrea; No. 1911 of the Protestant householders. 

15. iv. Samuel*, born about 17 18, He is assumed to 
have moved to Coleraine where one of his name was a 
householder in 1740 (No. 794) ; but possibly grandfather 
of Boltons at Dullaghy in 1801. 

II. Robert* Bolton (John^, Thomas-, Thomas'^) was born 
about 1704. He remained in the Barony of Toome where the 
Boltons had lived for many years. The following document, 
copied from the original at Dublin, gives added facts. It is a 
Prerogative Grant, dated 1765: 

"A commission was granted to swear Robert Bolton the 
Natural & lawfuU Son & Next of Kin of Robert Bolton late of 
Toom in the County of Londonderry deceased, Intestate. Di- 
rected to Neal Magill, Samuel Sharp, & Henry Marmion, 

"Administration of the Goods & soforth of Robert Bolton 
late of Toom in the County of Londonderry, dec*^ Intestate was 
granted to Robert Bolton the Son 3 April, 1765." 

He may have had, including Robert, other sons whose 
widows were living in the neighbourhood when the 1821 census 
was taken : 


i. Robert^ born about 1730. A Protestant house- 
holder at Killead, County Antrim, Diocese of Connor, In 
1766. Apparently Robert the administrator. 

ii. A SoN^ born about 1735. His wife Ellen, born in 
1748, was 80 when the census was taken in 1821. She was 
a spinner in the townland of Drumsough, Parish of Drum- 
maul (outside the town of Toome, and across the bay from 
Killead), living in a one-story house with her daughter, 
Mrs. Bridget Moore, who was born in 1784, and her chil- 
dren, Nancy aged 12, Ellen 7 and Thomas 4. 

iii. A SoN% born about 1740. His widow, Catherine, 
aged 80 in 1821, was living at Brecart, Parish of Duneane, 
as a lodger with Rose Berry, a flax spinner, and possibly her 
daughter. She may have been the mother of Nancy, born 
1 79 1, of Duneane; and of two deceased sons, one the hus- 
band of Mary (born 1774), of Drumderge, Parish of 
Duneane, and another the husband of Catherine (born 
1786), who had a child Patrick. 

The following persons may have been descendants of 
Robert* of the Barony of Toome : — 

Robert Bolton, horn 1776 : with wife Mary, born 1778, 

and children, Catherine 19, Esther 9. He farmed six 

acres in Gortharn, Parish of Drummaul. 

Hugh Bolton, born 1789; with wife Jane, born 1788, 

and children, Margaret 10, Mary 7, John 3. He was 

a farmer in the townland of Farlaugh in Drummaul, 

with a one-story house and ten acres. 

Matthew Bolton, born in 179 1 ; of BallyboUon, Parish 

of Drummaul, employed by James Dobbin. 

12. Samuel* Bolton {John^, Thomas-, Thomas^) was born 
about 1 7 10, and is supposed to be the Protestant householder 
(No. 1 127) of the name in 1740 at Tamlaght O'Crilly Parish. 
Little Is known of him except that he inherited the property at 


Lismoyle, living there with his widowed mother. He is sup- 
posed to have had a son 

16. i. Samuel^ born about 1740. 

13. William* Bolton (John^, Thomas-, Thomas^) was born 
about 17 1 2, and in 1740 was a householder in Lismoyle. He is 
supposed to have had a son 

17. i. William^ born about 1740. 

14. Robert* Bolton {Johtf, James'-, Thomas^) was born 
about 1 7 10, probably in the Parish of Desertoghill, County 
Derry, Ireland, the son perhaps of John of " Desert " in 1740. 
He is No. 1 9 10 in the list of Protestant householders, living 
in Artrea Parish, barony of Loughinsholin, south of Lough 
Beg and between the towns of Ballyronan and Moneymore. 
In 1774, at the time of his death, he was of Cloghog, in the 
Parish of Derryloran, County Derry, between Moneymore 
and Cookstown, to the west of Artrea. His will is preserved 
among the Armagh wills: 

" I Robert Bolton of Cloghog in the parish of Derry loran 
& County of Londonderry being Verry weak of Body but of 
Perfect Mind & Memory etc. Declare this to be my last Will 

" First I Bequeath to my Well beloved Wife Sarah Bolton 
otherwise Armstrong my House & Land & all my Household 
Furniter & Cattle & All Moveable Effects together with the 
fourth part of all my remaining Substance so long as said 
Sarah Bolton otherwise Armstrong shall remain Unmarried 
it shall be lawful for her to Will & bequeath same at her Death, 
if she shall marry she shall have no Right or title to said House 
& Land, etc. but in Case she marrys I leave her the fourth of 
my Substance that is in Cash & Bond & No More, but the other 
together with the three Remaining fourths of my Substance 
shall be equally divided amongst my three Children, my Son 
Thomas Bolton, my son Robert Bolton & my Daughter Marget 
Bolton, etc. 


" Ex''® my Wife Sarah Bolton o'r'se Armstrong & Thomas 
Beaty of Lorgybow (Lurganboy)" 

"Will signed 8 Feb. 1774. Testator's Mark. 
"Witnesses: John Purvis Robert Espy 

Thomas Dawson 

" The Rev. M'' Stewart of Ballymo be pleased to look over 
my poor family & see them Righted, for that great Depend- 
ance upon you since I seen you at M*^ Kennedys & God Almighty 
Bless you." 

Will proved by the executors 21 Dec. 1774. 
Mr. Bolton would seem to have been a Presbyterian, and 
by his wife, Sarah Armstrong, had : 

i. THOMAS^ born about 1740. 

ii. Robert^ born about 1742. Possibly a mariner 
whose will was recorded in 1783. 
iii. Margaret^ born about 1744. 

15. Samuel* Bolton {John^, James-, Thomas^) was born 
about 17 1 8, perhaps at Dullaghy, Parish of Desertoghill, 
County Derry, son of John (No. 10). In 1740 he was No. 794 
of the Protestant householders, living in the Parish of 

Possibly from him descended William and Hugh Bolton, 
two freehold farmers and weavers living at Dullaghy in 1801 
and in 1806 when a poll was taken. 

William^, born in 1770, had a farm of seven acres, a 
one-story house, and a wife Mary, born 1774, flax 
spinner, and children: Mary', born 1803, Dolly 1806, 
Tomson 1808, William 18 12. 

Hugh^, born 1771, had a farm of 14 acres, a one-story 
house and a wife Martha, born 1775, flax spinner, and 
children, James^ born 1801 and a weaver in 1821, 
Archey 1803, Hugh 1807, Margaret 1809, John 18 11, 
Ezabella 1813, Graham 1815, Thomas 1817. 


16. Samuel^ Bolton {Samuel^, John^, Thomas-, Thomas^) 
was born probably at Lismoyle, Parish of Tamlaght O'Crilly, 
County Derry about 1740, the son presumably of Samuel 
(No. 12). In the poll taken in 1806 he is supposed to be 
" Samuel Bolton Senior," since there is a Junior of the name. 
Three farmers and weavers at Lismoyle each had a child 

The three supposed sons were: 

i. John®, born in 1 766. A farmer at Lismoyle in 1 806 
with a one-story house, a farm oi 12% acres, a wife Mary, 
born 1778, and children: 

1. Eleanor, born 1801. Flax spinner. 

2. M^r^^tf, born 1803. Flax spinner. 

3. /^«^, born 1805. Flax spinner. 

4. Mary Ann, born 1808. Flax spinner. 

5. Betty, born 18 12. 

6. Samuel, born 18 14. 

7. Margaret, hovn 18 17. 

ii. Samuel®, born 1772. A farmer at Lismoyle in 1 806 
with 13 acres, a one-story house, a wife, Betty Scott, born 
177 1, flax spinner, and children (it is supposed) : 

1. William'^, born 1801. Laborer. Perhaps the 
man who died 12 June, 1862. Wife Jane. 

2. Alexander^ horn iSo^. Laborer. 

iii. Daughter®, married Mr. Gilmore, and had 

I. Mary\ born 1809, flax spinner. Niece of Samuel 

Bolton, born 1772, and living with him in 1821. 

iv. William Jr.®, born 1781. A farmer at Lismoyle 

in 1 82 1 with 6 acres, a wife, Mary, born 1783, flax spinner, 

and children : 

1. Mary", born 1809. 

2. SamiieP, born 18 11. 

3. John'', born 18 13. 

4. Margaret'' , born 18 16. 


5. Elizabeth', born 18 19. Apparently Betty who 
died in 1900, aged 82; she sang well, knew her 
Bible, and was popular. She married James 
Service of Grillagh and had 12 children; one of 
them, Matilda, married Jacob Cunningham of 
Grillagh whose son Mr, Sam Henry has met. 

17. William^ Bolton {William'^, John^, Thomas^, Thomas'^) 
was born about 1740, probably at Lismoyle, the son of William 
(No. 13). He was living there in 1806 as "William Bolton, 
Senior." At least, William Junior was there. William had a 
wife, Nancy Hemphill, an heiress of Ballylagan, Parish of 
Macosquin. Her dowry was £50, then a large sum. 


18. i. Samuel, JR.^ born 1774. 

19. ii. William'', born 1777. 

20. iii. JoHN^ born 1782. 

18. Samuel^ Bolton, Jr. {Willianf, JViUiam*, Jolitf, 
Thomas', Thomas^) was born 1774. A farmer and weaver at 
Lismoyle, with a one-story house, 13 acres, a wife, Matty Boyd 
of Lismoyle, born 1790, a house servant named Mary Arbuth- 
not, aged 20, and children: 

i. Nancy", born 18 14. 

ii. Samuel', born 18 16; died 1900 ast. 84. Of Hill 
Side, Lismoyle, but had a spirit shop in Kilrea about 1890. 
He married Mary Gray in 1845. 

Children of Samuel': 

1. SamueP, {?Lrmer. Married Miss Williamson. Dead 
in 1927. Sons: Hugh, David, farmer, Sam, builder 

of Lismoyle. David married McAughay: 

2 boys, Robert and David, aged 6 and 8 in 1930. 

2. PFilliam, of Ballarat, Australia. 

3. James Gray, born 17 March, 1849. Clergyman in 
Philadelphia. Minister of Hope Street Presbyterian 
Church. See Who's Who in America, 1930-31. 

Hugh Walker Rodgers Bolton of Lismoyle and his grandson, 
Hugh Gray Bolton. 

From a photoyraf'li hy Sam Henry, F.R.S.A.I. 


4. John, in U. S. Father of James Gray Bolton of 

5. Hugh Walker Rodgers, was born 10 Sept. 1850. 
He told Sam Henry of Coleraine in 1927 that 
his great-grandparents were William and Nancy 
(Hemphill) Bolton. He lived for a time in Homer, 
Michigan. When Sam Henry, Esq. called upon him 
at Lismoyle in 1927, Hugh sang old songs and his 
daughter-in-law served tea, scones, and cake. 

Child of Hugh: 

a. Samuel James^ born 1892; married, 13 Aug. 
1920, Elizabeth, daughter of R. W. B.; a 
schoolteacher in Lismoyle. Have three chil- 
dren: Hugh, Robert, and a girl. Grocer, 
provision and seed merchant, and produce 

6. Child that died. 

7. Robert, born 1854. J. P., grocer, grain merchant, 
etc., of Maghera. Married Mima, daughter of 
Sloan Bolton. 

Children of Robert, Son of Samuel^: 

a. Sloan^ postmaster (1930) at Maghera. 
Married Miss Cannon, daughter of Robert 
Cannon of Maghera. Dead July, 1930. 

b. Robert. 

c. Anna Mary, of Philadelphia. Married Rev. 
Lewis S. Mudge of 2109 Pine Street, Phila- 
delphia. See Principal Women of America 
for sketch of her. 

d. Tallae, of Philadelphia. (Tillie?) 

8. Henry Campbell, of Lismoyle, 1927; born 6 June, 
1856. Married Nanny Stewart. Has: i. Robert 
Stewart^; 2. James Gray; 3. Henry Campbell; 
4. Mary Tillie. 


9. Matilda, born i860. Married Benjamin Maudsley, 
provision merchant of Liverpool, 
iii. William^ born 181 8. Son of Samuel, Jr.^ 
19. William" Bolton {Willianv', William*, John^, Thomas-, 
Thomas^) was born in 1777. A farmer at Lismoyle, Tamlaght 
O'Crilly Parish, with i^Vi acres, a one-story house, a wife, 
Matty or Peggy (Sloan), of Moynock near Kilrea, born 1789, 
who was a flax spinner, a house servant named Nancy Mayberry 
and children. He died about 1846. 


i. SAMUEL^ born 18 10. Of Lismoyle? This or an- 
other was known as " Red Sam " and lived to be 98. 

ii. Nancy^ born 1 8 1 2 . 

iii. William^ born 18 14. 

iv. JoHN^ born 18 17; married Sally Cooke. Died 
without issue. 

V. Sloan', born 1 8 1 9 ; married Mary Ann Mcllrath 
of Boveedy, Kilrea; settled in 1862 at Moneysallin, near 
the Bann; died 16 April, 19 15. Income tax collector and 
farmer. She died 27 Aug. 1914. Both buried at Tamlaght 

Children of Sloan: 

1. Robert William^, born about 1885; owned Mon- 
eysallin farm. He married Mary Mayberry of 
Drumlane, and he died 10 April, 1929. Their daugh- 
ter, Elizabeth, born 1897, married Samuel James 
Bolton 13 Aug. 1920. A son, William Mayberry, 
married a daughter of Samuel Little of Drumlane 
at the Churchtown Presbyterian Church in 1930. 
R. W. Bolton was an elder of the church for 25 
years, and the Communion Service was given in his 

2. Mima, married Robert Bolton, J.P., of Maghera. 

3. Samuel John, J.P., a physician and medical offi- 

Dr. Samuel J. Bolton, J. P., of Aghadowey and Portstewart, and Mrs. Bolton. 
From the Northern Constitution, 28 September, 1935. 


cer of Aghadowey Dispensary District. He mar- 
ried Isabella Kirkland of Kilrea in 1896, and lived 
at Beechcroft House, Aghadowey. When in 1935 
he retired and moved to Portstewart, he and his 
wife were given a great public reception; he was 
called one of the best medical practitioners in North- 
ern Ireland. He wrote occasional papers, and has 
always shown an interest in public affairs and in 
the church. Has two sons: i. Dr. Sloan Mcllrath 
Bolton of Portrush (born i Nov. 1896), a very suc- 
cessful eye surgeon; 2. Dr. Samuel Ernest (born 
18 Feb. 1901); married, 22 Oct. 1932, Eileen 
Mona, daughter of Dr. Charles Forsythe, J. P., of 
Coleraine. See Belfast News Letter, Oct. 24. 

4. James, of Coleraine, Secretary to John A. Moore, 
County Surveyor of Londonderry. Married. 

5. Louisa, married James Galbraith of Grillagh, one 
mile from Maghera — a widow in 1920. 

6. Sarah, married Robert Kelso, son of Dr. John 
Bolton Kelso of Lisnagrot, one mile from Kilrea. 

7. Maria, married Thomas Woods of Coolhall, Kilrea. 
They emigrated to New Zealand. 

vi. Thomas", who married Elizabeth Graham. Had 
daughter, Mary, living, 1931, at Lismoyle. 

Children OF Thomas: 

1. William John^. William J. of " Railway Place " 
was " an outstanding figure." Had a sawmill near 
Kilrea, dealing in timber and hardware. Had a son, 
Thomas, and three daughters. Buried first Kilrea 
Churchyard. " Cortege for its size was never 
eclipsed." Died 1929, aged 70. 

2. Lizzie, dead 1931. 3. Margaret. 4. Ann. 
5. Martha. 6. Sarah. 7. Mary. 

vii. Robert^ A.B. Glasgow, 1848. " Sixth son." 


viii. David? Entered, 1849, the U. P. Theological 
Hall. Died young. 
20. John*' Bolton (fFilliam% fVilliam*, John'', Thomas-, 
Thomas^) was born 1782 (or " about 1775," says Wee John). 
Farmer, unmarried in 1806. In 1821 with a wife, Anne Blair 
of Aghadowey, and children. He is buried in the parish grave- 
yard of Tamlaght O'Crilly; a headstone there. 

Children of John®: 

i. JANE^ born 18 13. 

ii. William", born 1 8 1 5 at Lismoyle ; married Anne, 
daughter of Stewart Starratt of Lismoyle and his wife, Jane 
Walker of Tivaconway, near Lismoyle. Jane was the 
daughter of William and Susan (Starratt) Walker of 
Tivaconway. He died at Ballynian aged 67. 

Child of William": 

I. John^, born 1851; married Mary Ann Broomfield 
of Lismoyle. Living there in Oct. 1931, and called 
" Wee John " or " Curly John." Mrs. Bolton says 
Lismoyle has enough Boltons to " mak'a war." Sam 
Henry, Esq. found him in 1931 small of stature, 
erect and active. " Wee John " states that relatives 
of two Cromwellian officers [of Waterford?] "went 
over the hill northwards, but I cannot say when, 
and settled on the farms now occupied by Hugh 
W. R. and Henry C. Bolton in Lismoyle." His 
daughter, Margaret®, was born 1887; married 
James Gray Bolton, nephew of Rev. J. G. B. of 
Philadelphia. They live in Delaware. 

iii. Margaret", born 181 7. 

iv. John", born 1 8 19. Has a son John (?), member 
of session of Swateragh Presbyterian Church. 

V. Joseph", of Philadelphia, a jeweller. Unmarried. 

Wedding of Dr. Samuel Ernest Bolton (centre) of Coleraine, 22 October, 1932. 
From the Belfast Ne-zvs Letter, 24 October, 1932. Dr. Sloan Bolton at the right. 



Adderley, Thomas 


James, 1662 


Allen, Thomas 


John, 1525 


Ambrose, John 


John, 1596 


Annesley, Francis C. 


John, 1628 


Arthur, Maria 


John, 1753 


Ashe, Margaret 


John of Dromiskin 


Atkyns, John 


John Marshall 

5. 13, 15, 






Ayloffe, Isabella 


Nicholas, 1625 


Baker, Elizabeth 


Nicholas, 1647 


Baldwin, John 


Sir Richard, 1570 


Barker, Oliver 





Barnwell, Margaret 


Richard, 1593 


Barrett, Claire 


Richard, 1654 


Barton, J. 


Richard, 1710 


Beauchamp, Margaret 


Richard, 1772 


Bective Abbey 


Richard, 1811 


Berminghara, Edward 


Richard Nassau 


Bill, Anne C. 


Richard, Calga 


Blennerhasset, Elizabeth 


Richard of Waterford 


Bode, Archdeacon 


Robert, 1726 



Robert Compton, 1760 


Anthony, 1674 


Robert Compton, c. 



Anthony of N. Y. 


Roger, 1472 


Benjamin, 1608 


Roger of Dublin 


Boyle, 1692 




Carroll, 1606 


Theophilus, Archbishop 


Charles, 1664 


Theophilus, 1735 


Charles, 1720 


Thomas, 1580 


Charles, 1808 


Thomas, 1599 


Mrs. Charles K. 


Thomas, 1670 


Chichester, 1708 


Thomas, 1708 


Edward, 1628 


Thomas, 1773, of N. 



Edward, 1650 


Ughtred de 


Edward, 1652 


William Edward 


Edward, 1660 


Bomford, Frances 


Edward, 1695 


Bomford, Jemima 


Edward, 1756 




Sir Edward 

6, 15,27 

Buckingham, J. 


Edward R. 


Buckworth, Anne 


Elinor, 1699 


Buckworth, Richard 


Gregory, 1630 


Rev. James, 1477 


Carden, John 


James, 1502 




James, 1602 


Chapell, Dorothy 

10, 13 




Chapell, Richard 
Childermas, Jo. 
Clive, George 
Corker, Elizabeth 
Crookshank, Richard 

Deane, John C. 
Dixon, Thomas 
Donaldson, Miss 

Elliot, George 
Edkins, John 

Ffolliott, Florinda 
Fitz Williams, Elizabeth 
Forster, Alicia 
Fortescue, Sydnej' 
French, George J. 


German, Agnes 
Grant, Archibald 

Hall, Rowley 
Hamilton, Frances 
Hamilton, Gustavus 
Hamilton, James 
Henry, Alexander 
Henry, Richard B. 
Hewson, Monsell 
Hill, Arthur 
Hill, Edward 
Hill, Richard 
Hitchcock, Walter 
Hove, Ellen 

Izod, Margaret 

Jacob, Mary 
Jones, David 
Jones, Frederick 
Jones, Margaret 
Jones, Mary Atme 
Jones, Theophilus 

Keating, Elizabeth 
Knilton, Alicia 

Loftus, Anne 
Loftus, Dudley 





















Lord, Mathew 
Lyons, Margaret 

Madden, John 
Marshall, Mary S. W. 
Massey, Catherine 
Massey, Rev. Hugh 
Masse3-Dawson, Elizabeth R. 
Maunsell, Elizabeth 
Mayne, Edward 
McKenzie, Isabella 
Molesworth, Robert 
Molesworth, Wilhelmina 
Morris, Georgina 

Nangle, Patrick 
Netterville, Luke 
Neynoe, Charlotte 
Neynoe, Frances 
Neynoe, Loftus 
Neynoe, W. B. 
Neynoe, William 

Obyns, Mabell 
O'Farrell, Gerald 

Page, Mary 
Pennefather, Kingsmill 
Pepys, Samuel 
Preston, Thomas 

Ransford, Isabella 
Read, Thomas 
Rely, Mr. 

Richardson, Elizabeth 
Robinson, Margaret 
Rogers, Jr. 
Russell, J. J. 


Ruxton, Mary A. 



Savage, Val 




Shawe, Fielding 


Shawe, Theophilus 

Sheldon, Martha 


Sheridan, C. F. 


Slade, Herbert D. 

St. Laurence, Christopher 


St. Laurence, Martha 


St. Michel, Elizabeth 



















6, II 






[ 105 

Stewart, Harriet A. 
Symonds, Jane 

Tennison, John 

Tew, George 

Thorn, W. 

Tottenham, Rev. C. F. B. 

Tulle, Juliana 


Usher, Christian 





Walker, Elizabeth 
Walker, Honora 
Waller, John 
Walmesley, John 
Walter, Frances 
Weldon, William 
Wilson, John 
Wright, R. W. B. 

Young, Randall 
Young, W. 









Adcock, Margaret 


Annesley, George 


Atkin, Maria A. 




Barklie, Anna M. 


Barnes, Edmund W. 




Bell, Dr. Frank 


Blunden, Dorothea 



Abraham, 1723 


Anthony, c. 1640 


Conte Gordon 


Edward, 1750 


Edward, i8oi 


Edward John 


Edward K., 1915 


Edward Richards, 1878 


Francis D. S., 1908 




Henry, 1609 


Henry Denny, 1754 


Henry Edward 


Herbert H. 


Humphrey, 1622 


Humphrey, 1648 


John, 1718 


John, 1804 


Jonett, 1650 


Joseph Allen, 1847 


Leila Gordon 


Lyndon, 1826 


Lyndon, i860 


Lyndon, 1899 


Lyndon, 1937 48 

Rev. Lyndon Henry 43 

Richard, 1595 34 

Richard, 1609 33 

Richard, 1620 34 

Richard, 1670 35 

Richard, 1685 36 

Richard, 1715 36 

Richard, 1755 39 

Richard, 1795 40 

Rev. Richard, 1881 44 

(of U.S. A.) 

Richard A., 1906 45 

Richard G. B. 36 

Richard G. L 36 

Rev. Richard K., 1830 46 

Susan 41 

William, 1609 33 

William, 1745 39 

William, 1806 42, 43 

William, 1815 46 

William, 1850 36, 47 

William, 1859 42 

William Gordon 33, 40 

Bomford, John F. 43 

Bourne, Anna M. 43 

Carpenter, Jane 4° 

Carrion, Joaquin 3^ 

Childwall 33 

Cold Harbor 37 

Crandaniell 3^ 

Creed, Elizabeth H. 46 

Cuffe, Grace 37 



Deane-Morgan, H. 
Douglas, A. F. 
Douglas, Matilda 

Eyres, Anne 

Falkiner, Marie M. 
French, Adelaide 

Glorney, Corlette 
Glorney, Ethel M. 
Glorney, George 
Guggenheim, Helene 

Hearn, Edith 
Hearn, Richard T. 
Herbert, Dorothea 
Hughes, Frederic 
Hunt, Gertrude M. 

Inglis, Elizabeth 
Irwin, Andrew 
Irwin, John 
Island House 

Jones, Anna S. 

Kay, Norah J. 
Keane, Judith 
Kerwan, Martha 

Lawder, Tiny 
Ledwith, David 
Ledwith, Richard 
Little Woolton 
Lyman, Lucille M. 
Lyndon, Miss 


Markham, Jerom 


Massey, G. W. E. 


Montfort, H. de 

Morris, Rev. E. E. 


Navoe, Miss 


Nunn, Jane 


Perceval, William 


Perrin, Miss 


Price, Gertrude 



Richards, Miss 

Richards, Anne 


Richards, Mary Ann 


Roberts, Anne 


Rowe, Annie D. 


Rowsora, Samuel 


Ryley, L. F. M. 


Starkey, Mary 

Sutton, Mary 


Taylor, Josephine 


Terrett, Alice 


Tovey, Alexander 



West, William H. 


West Derby 

Westropp, Susan 


Wexford Boltons 


Wilton, Wexford 


Wheeler, Anna M, 


Williams, Arthur 


Williams, Thomas 


Wright, W. Ball 



















Alcock, Elizabeth 




Allnut, Ann 


Barker, Elizabeth 


Anderson, Anne 


Barnes family 


Anderson, Robert C. 


Barron, P. G. 




Barton, Henrietta 


Aylward, John 




Babington, Rev. T. A. 


Anne Frances Ellen 


Bann Valley Boltons 


Benjamin, 1662 





Rev. William, c. 1550, 

Charles, 1618 


of Beaudesert 


Charles, 1658 


Rev. William of Ross, 1573 

51, 52 

Charles, 1759 


Bowers, Eliza 


Charles, 1788 


Bowers, Maunsell 


Charles, 1791 


Charles Newport 




Charles Perceval 


Clark, Kathryn 


Cornelius, 1656 


Cope, Elizabeth 


Cornelius, 1714 


Crossthwaite, Samuel 


Cornelius, 1746 or 1752 


Cornelius Henry 
Daniel, 1622 



Dalev, Mary 
"Dark Lady" 


Daniel, 1660 



Edward, Capt. 


Doyle, Jane 




Faithlegg Castle 


Major Francis, 1610 


. 54 

00 ** 

Faithlegg estate 

Francis, 1650 


Fitton, Mary 


Rev. Henry, 1608 




Henry, 1660 


Graves, Mary 


Henry, 1679 


Henry, 1757 


Hawkins, John 


Rev. Henry, 1787 


Holmes, Anne 


Henry, 1796 


Hugh, 1682, Dean of Waterford 


Irwin, Richard 


Rev. John, 1655 


John, 1683 


Kearney, Annie 


John, 1705 


Knightley, Anne 


John, 1783 


Knightley, Ursula 


Joseph, 1698 


Lawrence, 1612 


Lane, Sir George 


Michael, 1663 
Peter of Warwick 


Lee, Edward 
Lehunte, Mary 


Richard, 1615 


Lightburne, Jane 
Little Bolton 


Richard, x68o 
Rev. Richard, 1695 
Sir Robert, 1755 


Luntley, Margaret 
Lymbery, Robert 
Lyte, F. M. 


Samuel, 1620 


Stephen, 1653 


May, Edward 


Stephen, 1682 



May, James 


Capt. Thomas, 161 5 



McDonnell, Elizabeth 


Thomas, 1654 


Moland, Elizabeth 


Thomas, Goldsmith, 1658 



Morton, Henry 


Thomas, 1660 


Thomas, 1682 


Newdigate, Mary 


Dr. Thomas, 1692 


Newport, Frances 


Capt. William, 1613 



Newport, Sir Simon 


William, 1660 


Norman, Catherine 


William, 1680 


Norman, Robert 




Norman, Thomas 
Nuttle, Richard 

Pepper, Mary 
Pilkington, Penelope 
Potts. Elizabeth 
Powell, Elinor 
Prittie, Abigail 
Prittie, Col. Henry 
Prittie, Honor 

Rogers, Rev. Jonathan 

Saltoun, Rev. W. 


Snow, Anne 


St. Clare, Jane 



St. Clare, W. B. 


Stone, John 



Sutton, Alicia 




Tinson, Joseph 

54. 6i 


Tomlinson, Dorcas 




Wallis, Ellen 



Warren, Joshua 


Warren, Rev. Thomas 



Waterford, Dean of 


Waterford Boltons 



Welman, C. N. 




Young, Arthur 





Edward Rice 




Dr. Elias 


Andrews, Joseph 


Elizabeth Cone 


Annin, H. K. 


Ethel Stanwood 


Arbuthnot, Mary 


Festus Cone 


Armstrong, Sarah 


Major Francis 






Aurelius, N. Y. 


Henry C. 

97, 100 

Aurora, N. Y. 


Howard Cone 


Dr. Hugh, 1687 


Bann Valley 


Hugh, 1697 


Beat>-, Thomas 


Hugh, 1 801 


Belcher, Jonathan 


Hugh W. R. 

97, 100 

Bell, James 


Irving Castle 


Berry, Rose 


James, 1650 


Bingham, Frances P. 


James, 1720 


Blair, Anne 


Rev. James Gray 




James Gray 

97, 100 

Bock, F. L. R. 


James Henry 


Bollan, William 


John, 1675 



John, 1685 


Agnes of Thomas 

78, 79, 85 

John, 1718 


Agnes, 1728 


John, 1724 


Alexander, 1713 


Capt. John, 1740 




John, 1782 or 1775 


Charles Chester 


Joseph of Phila. 


Charles Edward 


Julian Castle 


Charles Knowles 


Kenyon Castle 


Chester Castle 




David, 1722 

83, 85 

Martha, 1736 





Mary, 1733 

Mary Ane 

Dr. Matthew 


Newell Castle 

Percival R. 

Capt. Robert, 1650 

Robert, 1704 

Robert, 1710, his will 

Robert, 1760 

Robert, A.B., 1848 

Robert, 1854 

Robert W., 1885 

Samuel, 1710 

Samuel, his will 

Samuel, 1718 

Samuel, 1740 

Samuel, Jr., 1774 

Dr. Samuel E. 

Samuel James, 1892 

Dr. Samuel John 

Sarah Knowles 

Sloan, 1819 

Sloan, postmaster 

Dr. Sloan M. 

Stanwood Knowles 

Capt. Thomas of Waterford 

Mr. Thomas 

Thomas, 1676, of Sudbury 

Thomas, 1695 

Judge Thomas 

Thomas Kelley 

"Wee John" ' 

Capt. William of Waterford 


am, 1680 
am, 1682 
am, 1712 
am, 1731 
am, 1740 
am, 1777 
am, 1 801 
am John 


Bolton Grant 
Boyd, Matty 
Boyle, Bolton 
Brown, Samuel 

Cameron, Margaret 
Cannon, Miss 

Caskey, William 



Castle, Julia A. 



Census, 1821 



Chimney Tax Rolls 



Cleveland Boltons 



Colrain, Mass. 



Cooke, Sally 



Cornish, Minnie 



Coudy, Isabella 



Craige, Mary 



Davidson, Helen 



Dawson, Thomas 



Deeds and Wills 



Dorman, Timothy 









Dunlap, Hugh 

80, 81 


Dunlap, James 


97, 98 

Emery, Samuel 



Espy, Robert 




Forsythe, Eileen M. 


Freehold Registers 



Fromer, Helen 



Graham, Andrew 

80, 81 


Graham, Elizabeth 



Graham, Watty 





Gray, Mary 
Hale, Ellen 



Hanna, Fannie M. 



Hearth Money Roll 



Hemphill, Nancy 

96, 97 


Henry, Hannah 



Henry, Sam 

75. 76, 97, 100 


Hilton, John 



Hullton, John 



Hunter, Archibald 



Kelso, Dr. J. B. 


Kennedy, Mr. 



Kernohan, J. W. 
Kinkeld, Samuel 


Kirkland, Isabella 



Leith, John 



75, 76, 77 


Lismoyle Boltons 



Little, Samuel 




Londonderry, N. H. 


Scipio, N. Y. 


Lowell, Stephen 


Scott, Betty 


Shirley Boltons 


Maudsley, B. 


Sloan, Matty 


Mayberry, Mary 


Sloan, Peggy 


Mayberry, Nancy 


Smith, Hugh 


Mayberry, Richard 


Starratt, Stewart 


Mayberry, William 


Staton, Mary 


Mcllrath, Mary 


Stenston, Margaret 


Melvin, James 


Stewart, Rev. Mr. 



81, 82 

Stewart, Nancy 


Millens, Robert 


Stuart, Daniel 


Moore, Bridget 


Stuart, Robert 


Moore, Nathan 


Subsidy rolls 


Morison, Samuel 


Morrison, Hugh 


Tamlaght O'Crilly 


Mudge, Rev. L. S. 


Templeton, Adam 


Mullally, M. 


Thomson, William 


Thorington, Sarah 


Neily, Elizabeth 


Trevett, Richard 


Nichols, Nicholas 


Twadle, James 


O'Farrell, Miss 


Ulster Boltons 


Olmsted, W. L. S. 


Ulster roll 


Patent Rolls 


Walker, William 


Patterson, Elizabeth 


Waterford Boltons 


Perry, Thomas 


Wells, Maine 


Peterboro, N. H. 


White, Elizabeth 


Phillips, Mary A. 


Wilkinson, Mrs. 


Poll book 


William, ship 


Protestant householders 


Williamson, Miss 


Purvis, John 


Wilson, Rachel 


Windham, Maine 


Ranney, Theodosia C. 


Windham, N. H. 

81, 82 

Riddle, Hugh 


Woods, Thomas 


Russell, Emeline 


Wykoff, Louise